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Raw & Naked - The Story of Reinventing Thyself

Dear friend,

It's been two long special years for me to dive deeper into self discovery.

Somewhat painful and horrifying journey into the UNKNOWN - facing my demons and learning to accept myself.

The biggest revelations and wins was restoration of my faith. My magic. My drive.

If you found your own last two years, maybe even three years transformational, read on...

Download the Newsletter 001 PDF, and follow the video bellow for more depth.

Download PDF • 22.42MB

I left you plenty of links (in the PDF) to connect and investigate further.




Lira Kay works with celebrities and CEOs on their personal life and creativity, offers corporate workshops and programs, and mentors seasoned thought leaders, creators and entrepreneurs in world-class level positioning and impact.

Her award-winning methods are enhancing and innovating therapy, high performance and transformational work.

She's a Founder of School Of Inspired Life - a professional skills training center for advanced psychotherapists and coaches.

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