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"She is a secret weapon behind powerful social and creative enterprises and their CEOs." 

"Queen of deep transformational work. The results are real!"

"I was about to give up. I felt lonely and powerless. Now I own my work!."

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When the price of your success is too dear...

When your work takes away from your life, from your family, from your health, it's time to look deeper into the reasons behind it.


You have responsibility to deliver on your soul contract and bring your mission to life. If you fail your Self, you will fail your Work.

We offer a powerful way to speed up your healing, growth and transformation, so you can bring your life's work to people before it's too late. 

Creative process can be messy but it doesn't have to mess you up.

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About  Lira

Over a career that takes in over three decades with deeply transformational work, award-winning therapeutic methodologies and a series of acclaimed solo and collaborative projects, Lira Kay has established herself as one of the world's most ground-breaking and in-demand creatives curators, healers and mentors. Artist and Analyst, Lira brings a vision that is both precise and forward-thinking to everything she does.


Lira's early childhood mystical experiences led her onto the path of spiritual mastery and research. Later The Red Book and other works by C.G. Jung provided Lira with the most needed confirmation and evidence of faith and miracles playing a crucial role in a life of any ordinary man, woman or a child. 

Her deep study and practice of psychotherapy  and psychoanalysis with some of the best professors and clinicians in Europe opened a new perspective on what is possible for anyone curious enough to question emotional and mental reality after a trauma or a significant psychological event.   

Indeed, within each individual human there is an eternal, divine facet, the Inner God, and our relationship with It informs our ability to face reality and ourselves with love and unconditional acceptance, making us either capable or incapable of happiness and success. 

Kay’s earliest body of work titled “Spiritual Awakening Through a Personal Crisis” launched Lira as a young and upcoming spiritual healer and teacher with a steady growing number of students and followers. 

She has been leading transformational workshops, creating communities and curating projects around the world ever since. 


Lira left her birth country Estonia in 1998 and lived in England, France, East and West coasts of America before relocating to the exotic beaches of Hawaii.

Lira's teachings on spiritual gifts, Aquarian Business Models, Alpha Shadow Archetypes, Compassionate God Meta-model and Aligned Methodology System, had influenced the works and lives of many well-known and up and coming transformational mentors and leaders. 


In recent years Lira has also become a much sought-after producer of educational trainings and certifications on healing and creativity. She also founded a 111 Healers Conference sharing her global platform with traditional doctors, therapists and alternative healers on the mission to heal and transform lives.  In many ways this has been a logical progression. 


Her work inspires cutting edge thinking among elite psychotherapists, artists, transformational leaders and spiritual pioneers.


You can learn more about her apprenticeship, skills and business training programs at

Lira takes two-three private clients or couples per year on the transformational journey with her. Apply for her Walkabout Experience or The Spirit Untamed 3-month deep healing program here. 

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