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Charity in 2050, Irina Mihaela, Child Innocence Foundation

Meaningful Trends Interview Series

We've been asking celebrated experts and prominent social, creative and innovative leaders to share their vision for the future. Then our guests created collaborative panels to further explore and discuss their future-oriented work and aspirations. Enjoy watching our Meaningful Trends interview series and take a part in our project.


Irina Mihaela, Child Innocence Foundation Mission

To help abused children ages 12 to 20 evolve from being emotionally traumatized to becoming truly free, empowered, and confident in their future and to know how to achieve economic self-sufficiency.

Watch a video inside our Meaningful Trends group here.


About Irina Mihaela

Irina Mihaela, BSc., PEng., has garnered business experience that spans over two decades.

She is a Business Consultant, Coach, Advisor guiding CEO founders to lead Purpose-driven, Peaceful & Profitable Business.

From an executive in Nuclear Engineering where she developed and grew her department’s business by 600% up to $7 million in two years, to business consulting and coaching for million-dollar companies from around the world.Her skills are extensive: Business Management, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Team Building, Leadership, Strategic Intervention Coaching, Relationships Coaching, Intuitive Guidance and Healing Meditation.

While highly strategic and results-oriented, Irina also uses her intuition and energy healing abilities to go deep with her clients, resolving and releasing anything that keeps them stuck. She is able to quickly connect the dots, even in complex scenarios, to help her clients have an instant transformation and move their business forward.


Lira Kay is a Founder of Meaningful Trends Project and an LK Creative Freedom Studio.

She is a visionary creative producer and a world-leading expert on the collective consciences and innovative therapeutic methodologies.

For the past 33 years she have been working with international clientele, public figures, cultural role models, missionaries, artists, gurus and teachers.

She consults on original innovative personal development technologies and methods, and leads global public projects to bring people and communities healing, hope and transformation.

Lira has been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal success of many prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

She is an international speaker, a bestselling author and publisher.

You can learn more about her work

Join her Meaningful Trends project ....

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