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Am I Worthy of Serving God?

Before, I used to justify my mistakes and wrongdoing. I always found a good excuse, or forgave myself easily. But now I'm aware of my weaknesses and humbled in the face of them. I've left behind my old motivations and am searching for a new sense of purpose. But, I'm struggling with self-doubt and uncertainty about whether I'm capable of doing what I feel called to do. How can I find inner peace and confidence in my path? How can I distinguish my own ambitions from what's truly meaningful to me? And is it possible to fully embrace my identity and purpose without feeling like I'm always falling short?


"I am a sinner.

I am a sinner, and I was less aware of it before I became Christian.

I justified my mistakes, my wrong-doings and my darkness.

I always had a good excuse, and when I couldn’t find any, I forgave myself easily.

Now God is my witness.

Now I am aware.

I have no excuse.

I can see how week I am.

I had humbled myself in front of my God, and He took my power to replace it with His glory.

My old motivations are failing me.

I don’t feel inspired by making more money or fame or empowerment.

I don’t seek approval of people.

I don’t care for their envy or their admiration.

My old reasons to do my work had vanished.

I am abandoning my old self.

And I question whether I can ever be worthy of doing God’s work.

Not my will be done, I pray, but His.

Not for my sake, but for His.

In His name, not mine.

What will help me find peace?

How can I embody God’s love for me and act with confidence and full integrity, knowing I am doing the right thing and I have rights to do what I am called to do?

How can I recognize and discern my ambitions from what God wants for me?

How can I understand my new identity in Christ?

Will ever be good enough for God? "


It's important to remember that following Christ is not about being perfect. We will all make mistakes, but it's how we respond to them that matters. By humbling ourselves before Christ and asking for his guidance and strength, we can grow and become the person he created us to be. Here are some great prayers for forgiveness and blessings.

The message of compassion, love, and forgiveness is universal, and it is a message that we can all benefit from. It's not just about seeking perfection, but rather acknowledging our mistakes and learning from them. It's about recognizing our potential and striving to become the best version of ourselves.

If you're feeling lost or inadequate, remember that you are not alone. There is always hope, and there are people who care about you and want to help you succeed. By being kind to yourself and seeking support, you can overcome your struggles and find your purpose.

Growth and improvement are a process, and it takes time and effort to achieve them. But with dedication and perseverance, you can make progress and become the person you want to be.

So if you're feeling lost or alone, remember that Christ is there for you. He loves you unconditionally and wants to offer you a new life in him. All you have to do is turn to him and ask for forgiveness. His message is one of hope and love for all people, regardless of their past mistakes or struggles.


Lira Kay is a highly accomplished coach & publisher who has had the privilege of working with numerous celebrities and CEOs to take their work to the next level. In addition to offering corporate workshops and programs, she also provides mentorship to established thought leaders, creators, and entrepreneurs to help them achieve world-class positioning and impact.

Her methods have been widely recognized and have earned her several awards for their innovative and effective approach to therapy, high performance, and transformational work.

Lira Kay is also the founder of the School of Inspired Life, a publishing house and a professional skills training center that specializes in advanced coaching methods and business programs.

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