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AI Art & Human Connection with Dr. Antonio Di Fenza

Meaningful Trends Interview Series

We've been asking celebrated experts and prominent social, creative and innovative leaders to share their vision for the future. Then our guests created collaborative panels to further explore and discuss their future-oriented work and aspirations. Enjoy watching our Meaningful Trends interview series and take a part in our project.


Dr. Antonio Di Fenza Aspiring Data Scientist | Futurist | Creative Thinker | Mental Health Advocate

MEANINGFUL TRENDS - AI ART AND HUMAN CONNECTION - Dr. Antonio Di Fenza runs seminars and write about the Singularity.


Dr. Antonio Di Fenza Aspiring Data Scientist | Futurist | Creative Thinker | Mental Health Advocate

Antonio writes about his life and work:

"🎓 First-generation college student, with a Ph.D. in Romance Studies from Cornell University

🔮 As a futurist, I specialize in the study of AI and its impact on culture and the economy. I am an expert in human-machine creativity, and I teach online seminars on these topics to educate people about the possibilities of computational creativity.

🤓 As an educator and flow hacker, I am passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and culture in the 4th industrial revolution. I have a background in philosophy and literature, and I am a polymath and a massive nerd. My goal is to help usher in Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) and shape a positive future for humanity.

🧑🏻‍🎨 As a creative thinker, I experiment with ways to understand the connection between thinking and creativity through my writings, coding, meditation practice, martial arts, photography, and other creative pursuits. I have been published in the top journal of literary studies, and my work has been described as "ground-breaking" and "never attempted before."

🤪 As a mental health advocate, I share my journey through mental illness to raise awareness and provide insights for those who suffer and those who support them. I am dedicated to helping individuals from all walks of life overcome their challenges and improve their overall communication."

Connect with Antonio here:


Lira Kay is a Founder of Meaningful Trends Project and an LK Creative Freedom Studio.

She is a visionary creative producer and a world-leading expert on the collective consciences and innovative therapeutic methodologies.

For the past 33 years she have been working with international clientele, public figures, cultural role models, missionaries, artists, gurus and teachers.

She consults on original innovative personal development technologies and methods, and leads global public projects to bring people and communities healing, hope and transformation.

Lira has been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal success of many prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

She is an international speaker, a bestselling author and publisher.

You can learn more about her work

Join her Meaningful Trends project ....

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