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Overcoming Imposter Syndrome on your Spiritual Journey

Imposter Syndrome is both a construct and a paradigm that has tangled my destiny far longer than I can remember. As a subject matter, I was introduced to this idea of Imposter Syndrome 3 years ago by one of my Coaching Clients while I was living in China. Let's call her name Lisa. Lisa was an attractive young teacher in her 20's and like me, we are both well- educated, well-traveled and well -spoken.

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My search for a deeper understanding of what is Imposter Syndrome started when Lisa reached out to me to help her overcome her chronic shyness and consistent behavior for allowing her family to diminish her achievements.

The more we worked together on her issues, the more I began to see a pattern emerge. And this intrigued me. Lisa was very candid about her fears, shame and guilt for having courage to travel overseas alone because her parents made her feel like she was deserting them and this caused a great deal of anxiety for her. Lisa came to me for help because she needed me to help her learn how to speak up-especially to her Mother who for the most part, still controlled what she did in her life despite the fact that she was living half way around the world. Immediately , my ideas resonated with hers. As a result of our coaching sessions, I felt compelled to take a closer look at myself and undergo self-healing sessions to break free of my own struggles with Imposter Syndrome.

My connection to Lisa prompted what I now refer to as my 'Aha 'moment. This affirming realization transcended my calling to work with women who have been broken due to unresolved childhood traumas. As time went on, I knew that I was 'chosen' to adopt this work as a part of my Coaching practice.

So, following several failed attempts to overcome this issue on my own helping women overcome and reconcile Imposter Syndrome was going to be my Soul Purpose and call in this lifetime. As you will come to learn more about me on during my upcoming presentation, you will understand my sense of urgency to help other women break free from their limiting beliefs;

Generally speaking , imposter syndrome is the experience of feeling a phony you're feeling as if at any moment you're getting to be acknowledged as a fraud, such as you don't belong where you are, and you got there through dumb luck. It can affect anyone regardless of their social station,work background, skill level, or degree of experience. The phrase describes the experience of somebody unable to internalize or accept his or her accomplishments, and there's a constant fear of being exposed. These people consider themselves, "I am a fraud. I don't need to be here during this role." Ironically, evidence that ought to contradict their self-doubt tends to strengthen their fear instead of causing the anxiety to travel away.

Methodology I offer a 21 day residential retreat in Port Antonio, Jamaica whereby I work one-to one with up to 5 clients who are seeking to reconcile limiting beliefs. My sessions are intensive and I provide the structure to help decode the apparent source of where the limiting beliefs first took root. The 21 day intensive is a holistic approach to healing the mind, body and the Spirit. More of this method will be covered during the training on March 25, 2021.

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome on your Spiritual Journey Workshop

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About Dr Cheroll Dorssett

Dr. Cheroll Dossett is a gifted Healer, Ordained Minister, Adjunct University Professor, Teacher, Author and Public Speaker. She has traveled extensively as a solo traveler to 43 countries. Most recently, she lived in China for 9 years where she was inspired to formulate her proprietary skin care brand called No-e Organic Solutions. Dr. Dossett started formulating customized skin care solutions for herself as a result of 2nd and 3rd degree water burns which covered 3/4 of her face and neck. Her reputation as an Alchemist helped private clients in China resolve chronic skin care problems. As a Spiritual Mentor, Speaker and Teacher, Dr. Dossett has been a fee based guest Speaker at Churches, Conferences and Workshops in Beijing and Guangzhou, PR China. As a former Native New Yorker, she is presently based in Port Antonio, Jamaica where she working with private clients in the areas of Book Coaching and overcoming Imposter Syndrome. Dr. Dossett's passion and commitment to help women heal from Childhood Traumas is a calling. Finally as a Humanitarian, in 2019 , H.E. Dr. Dossett received the distinction as UN Ambassador at Large for the Social and Economic Council where she serves as a Marketplace Minister.

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