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Open the Golden Gates of Opportunities with Energy Healing

So excited to present you our next speaker and a proud member of my program Founders Lounge Linda Michelle, founder of Linda Bolinger Energy Healing School and a Moonbox crystal subscription.

You can schedule a 15-Minute Free Call here:

Linda Bolinger, Intuitive & Energy Business Coach, teaches students how to breakthrough and out of physical symptoms that are being presented in the body. When your body is speaking its imbalance to you, Linda helps you navigate those deep rooted anchors most often found in the DNA as a result of ancestral trauma. By exploring your ancestral lineage, Linda witnesses the source of the imbalance changing, most often anchored by emotion felt and beliefs from previous generations. Using Linda’s method to heal, you will make the emotional shift needed, to energetically expand and deepen your relationships in life and in business.

About Linda Bolinger

Linda is the founder of, shipping over 65 packages daily worldwide, totalling more than 45,000 crystals sold since 2019. She is launching this coming May 202, where monthly subscribers will receive one sizeable crystal per month along with video healings connected to each of the different systems of the body. Each month, subscribers work to release emotional blocks that prevent each system from thriving. To gift a moonbox or to enroll click the link below to join her waiting list. For subscribers that commit to a full year, receive a Selenite Charging Plate, 30% off site wide at (for the life of the membership) & 1-month free!!!

To join the moonbox waiting list click To level-up and learn from Linda, book your FREE 15-minute call here


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