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Infinity Flow in Relationship

By Dr. Elsbeth Meuth

I want to introduce you to a simple yet profound practice called Infinity Flow. You can use this practice at any moment when you feel there is some dissonance, differences or fighting coming on. It's all about shifting our energy. When we get upset or angry or don't feel heard, we usually go into either the attack or the flight mode that comes from our left-brain hemisphere and is connected to the activation of the adrenal.

So, how can I shift that in order to step out of reactivity? Take in a deep breath, just do it with me, and fill up your belly all the way into your heart. You open your heart. Then on the exhalation, you let the breath trickle down and out into the ground. Again, take a deep breath up into your heart. Open the heart like a flower, and then let the breath go.

The heart center is the center of love, first and foremost for ourselves and then for someone else. When I connect with my heart center, I become more connected with my love-self that allows me to listen to another from my heart instead from my head, the left-brain hemisphere, also called attack self. And so we tap into our Infinity Flow. Remember the Horizontal Relational Model? The Infinity symbol lives already within my heart center. I can tap into it at any moment so that I can shift my energy and be available from that listening heart space that allows me to be truly present with the other, to be able to actually listen to their upset without getting confused with my own upset.

Being able to drop into your heart space is mastery that of course needs to be developed. However, when you practice this every day, it'll be available to you. Then you can use this in your business relationships, friendships and with your kids. Just try it out, experiment with it.

Then of course your beloved, intimate relationships. This reminds me of this couple that came to work with us recently. They love each other very much, but they had some differences or disconnections in their intimate life. He loves to have sex every day. She loves to have sex with him to, but she wants to be cherished and invited.

To reconcile the differences we need to become aware of the locus from which the desire to connect with another originates from. The one who's more centered in their masculine energy, no matter if it’s a heterosexual, homosexual or bi-sexual relationship, starts feeling the desire for connection in their sexual center. The one who is more based in their feminine energy, starts feeling the desire for connection in their heart center. You can see they are like two ships passing in the night.

However, when the one who is more in their masculine or yang energy could just breath up their alive testosterone energy into their heart, and the one who is in their feminine energy connect and breathe into their heart, they can come together in the Infinity Flow. When the woman's heart opens, her sexual center opens. When the man's heart opens while grounded in his sexual testosterone energy (versus driven by it) he becomes integrate in his emotional-sexual self. And then an energy circuit arises between the two people where attraction, connection and mutual desire come into synchronicity.

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About Dr Elsbeth Meuth

Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, Ed.D., has assisted thousands of couples and singles create lasting intimacy and fulfillment in their relationships. She is featured on Showtime’s documentary series Sexual Healing and the Emmy Award-winning NBC show Starting Over, best-selling author of Sexual Enlightenment endorsed by world-renowned Spiritual Pioneer Dr. Michael Beckwith, and the co-founder of TantraNova Institute in Chicago.

She has coached billionaires, innovators and power couples all over the world, shared their intimacy secrets at a global YPO (Young Presidents Organization) conference in the city of love, Paris, and got nominated as Changemaker at the White House sponsored 2016 United State of Women Summit in Washington, D.C.

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