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Fame, Money and Love You Gotten Over With to Become an Artist

Jim Kerry, Juliette Binoche, Sir Anthony Hopkins, and countless others found refuge in art at the dawn of their larger than life extraordinary successful and fulfilling careers as actors.

Elon Musk, and, like, everybody, who is anybody - famously smart and uber-rich - coupled with artists, models, actors throughout launching their mega-daring, outrageous ideas and enterprises.

Oprah, Tony Robbins, Richard Branson famously worked with healers and spiritual counselors and transformational coaches, artists of their craft.

Why, do you think, is that?


Creative expression, especially with somebody who isn’t in business, or can afford to leave behind a transactional aspect of making and sharing art and creativity, is invaluable.

Whether you find yourself doing it, or you are witnessing an artist doing it, the closer is your proximity to the artistic creative flow, the better, more expanded, more powerful you feel.

In fact, art and an artist who is creating the art, are both transformational in essence.


Artist has passion,

and is contagious with that passion.

Artist thinks outside the conventional and the mundane.

Artist inspires innovation and out of the box solutions.

Artist feels deeply.

Witnessing or communication with an artist opens the levels of intimacy you wouldn’t dare to reach by yourself.

Artist ignites new opportunities.

Magic, synchronicity, serendipity is a language you will start learning as you embrace creativity and a creative.

Artist takes you to the next level.

A new perspective, an original angle, an honest feedback, a strong opinion, will challenge your status quo.

Artist is a role model,

and makes compromise and sell-out look bad.

Artist will set you free.

From scheming. From corruption. From sacrifice.

Artist will trigger your wound.

And, ultimately, heal you.

Artist gives you permission to play.

And restores your marriage, repairs you body and opens a new money flow.

Artist knows God.

Having faith will change everything.

Artist has energy.

The lost forgotten source is now yours to have.

Artist renews things.

Rebirth saves lives.

Artist is a gift.

Take it and it will make you happy.


About Lira Kay

Lira Kay is a Transformational Artist, a Founder of Meaningful Trends Project and an LK Media Center.

She is a visionary creative producer and a world-leading expert on the collective consciousnesses.

She works with social archetypes, public figures, cultural role models, missionaries, artists, gurus and teachers.

She consults on original innovative personal development technologies and methods, and leads global public projects to bring people and communities healing, hope and transformation.

Lira has been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal success of many prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

She is an international speaker, a bestselling author and publisher.

You can learn more about her private work

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