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How To Be A Spiritual Entrepreneur

Lira Kanaan, Producer, I mac and Influence Mentor

What does spiritual really mean?

Most, when it comes to thinking about being spiritual, think of rituals.

Things like mediation or gratitude or mantra singing, reading scriptures.

Some think of yoga, mind control, service, charity, compassion.

Some look for spirituality in the places where many of those rituals are practiced, like churches, temples, mosques and ashrams.

Some post positive quotes on FB or even just ‘like’ somebody else’s positive quotes and believe their portion of being spiritual is done.

Well, here is a fantastic news for you.

All of us are spiritual. A baby in a crib, that doest’n do any of these things is spiritual, an old man in a little yurt in Mongolia, with no internet connection, is spiritual. Whether you are compassionate or not you are still spiritual.

Now let’s get into the principles of what being spiritual can mean to you:

1 You are conceived in spirit.

2 The world is conceived in spirit.

3 You living a life here as you are is a choice of your spirit.

4 You have two main life purposes as a consequence of being born a human.

5 First: to enjoy your life and expand as a spirit - expand your conciseness

6 Second: interact with other spirits in a human form - and ultimately expand their conciseness.

I want you to grasp that.

There is no good and evil concept in a spiritual world. Life is life.

Whether you want it or not a viscous murderer is a spirit living out his path, expressing life, affecting others.

So we teach each other, a fancy word to describe expanding consciousness process, and we do it sometimes the hard way.

In fact in the countries where spiritual traditions had been kept alive, people would attach themselves to a guru or an equivalent of that, and systematically work on awakening their awareness of the spirit within their mind and body, to avoid the ‘hard’ learning.

We, here in the West, experience life drama, events, positive and negative, like loss of a loved one, midlife crisis, which is loss of yourself, your established identity, fall in love, break up, and so on, for the same exact reason: we are feeling the glimpses of bliss, light, forever lasting universe, the power and powerlessness, inspiration and surrender, the big and the microscopic touch of the unseen, the presence of the Divine.

Knowing all that, how do you run your business.

Most of us are feeling good about themselves when we keep the ratio of give and take in balance. Then we love to give more. All of this falls into the category of preforming a ritual of being spiritual.

But I do want to mention an interesting spiritual concept from Bhagavad Gita, an Indian scripture, very much like a Bible.

Guna Sattva is the quality of balance, harmony, goodness, purity, universalizing, holistic, constructive, creative, building, positive, peaceful, virtuous. (Wikipedia)

Among with other two gunas: guna of ignorance and guna of attachment, (you can look it up and learn about the concept if you wish, I just recall what I learned when studding the religious texts in my late teens as part of my very profound work with a spiritual guru).

So one thing you will discover, that Eastern approach suggests detachment from life lived out through gunas. The drive to stop the cycle of birth to reach the pure spirit would imply that expression of all the good virtues still signifies ‘being human’ and therefor undesirable.

And, yes, there are new age teachers in India now, like Sadhguru, whom I often quote, when I want to bring someone lost in translation of all of the ‘do’s and don’ts of a spiritual person’ back to reality and common sense.

One of my favorite quotes of his is, “If you want to know the value of life, know, that it is a brief happening”.

So with that I want to transition to sharing with you the simple principles of keeping it real and keeping it conscious and spiritual for someone like you, running their own show, serving their customers and clients, trying to make some serious money on the way, for themselves, their family, and to give back to the community, help this world as much as their can.

1 Keep the rituals if they help you sustain a good positive attitude, but don’t get attached to being positive.

Insisting on being happy and peaceful in all situations will drive you to becoming a fraud.

One of my FB live audience members confessed, “I live a lie, and I have nowhere to go and no one to talk to about my depression and despair. I hide my pain. I live in pain.”

So it will take courage to be true and it will take effort to elevate your mood.

2 Stop feeling so entitled. Even though fundamentally your notion of an abundant universe will be absolutely confirmed once you leave your physical body, in reality, in our human material world, which is exactly what we chose to grow through, your entitlement is mainly psychological in nature.

The theory behind the unlimited abundance and unlimited resources is something we remember from the very early, we are talking, pre-birth, experience. Being in your mother’s womb, really felt peaceful and satisfying for the most part. But once you were born you had to learn to ask for and then go and get what you want. Simple action-result approach would help you to run your business and not lose out on opportunities and profits. For more inspiration watch my workshop under the title: “How Intuition In Business Can Screw You Over”.

3 It’s ok to work for what you want, as we just established. So make the most of it. Organize yourself. Someone who is spiritually awake is not an aloof hippy wearing loose clothes, sitting under the tree, expecting to be fed and loved, or even a Mother Theresa, mind you she was highly productive and organized, a real boss lady, doing good for the needy.

Understand that your life is a brief happening and treasure every moment of it.

Life is not just about work. It is also about love, and about joy.

The more disciplined and focused you are at work the less time it takes to complete your daily money generating activities. The more time you have to love your family, to be loved by your partner and your children. The more time you have to fully enjoy yourself.

4 Enjoying your life is important. If you let the joy be your guru you’ll see how your conciseness can grow not from the daily drama but from ultimate involvement with life on every possible level.

Nature, animals, insects, flowers, other people, children, old people, dying people, sick, poor, rich, full of joy, needy or independent, the skies, the poetry of life, the difference you can make, the love you can give, all is very spiritual indeed.

5 Pay attention to your inner life. In fact if you want a ritual to overrule all the other three dozen rituals you do, here is one for you. Sit with yourself. Here is a link to a video, where I walk you through the process, if you need guidance. But really, just sitting down for a moment and listening to what is going on inside you, in your body, in your head, taking track of what you are thinking about, what are you feeling, how it’s all changing in reaction to life, people, how temporary it all is, actually, will absolutely get you to experience yourself as a Divine being. Divine, meaning, that includes all, the mission of being a human and the higher mission of taking your experience away into the world of unseen. Your energy would never be waisted. Your feelings and thoughts are important. Not in a sense of acting upon them, but in a sense, that you can feel in your heart, yes, right now I am truly grateful for being alive and being here.

You enjoying your life no matter the circumstances, in particular, is important and spiritual.

Right now I want you to see how you are living out those 5 simple principles in your life and through doing your work, running your business.

Why don’t you take an account of your day. Ask yourself these questions and journal about your day:

1 Have I been true to myself, have I been courageous enough to express my feelings? Have I made it my job to feel better? How did I make myself feel better today?

2 What actions did I take today to progress my business and improve my quality of life?

3 How much time I spent working and how much time I gave to my family and my self? Was I productive at work and was I truly present with people around me? How I can be more organized to enjoy my work and have more time to love and be loved by my family?

4 Who did I touch today with my presence? How did I affect the world? What lessons I taught and what lessons I learned through my interactions?

5 Have I noticed I am alive? Was I conscious of my divinity while doing my things, living my life? Can I set a time aside to connect with myself today? How can I extend that time tomorrow?

Let me know how did your exercise go. What were you biggest realizations? Leave a comment below and let’s connect if you are ready to expand your consciousness while making a great profit in your business.

I want you to live your life to the full, as it is your divine mission. I would love to help you not just live it, but also enjoy it. Which would probably in your case mean, being happy with the work you do in this world, with the people you serve, with taking care of your family, making plenty of money and having plenty of time to enjoy and love and give more.

To set a free 15 min call with me click here

Thank you,

with lots of LOVE,

Lira Kanaan, Producer, Impact and Influence Mentor

Lira Kanaan, Producer, Impact and Influence Mentor

If you want to learn more about how I get my clients create authentic brands that go global and impact thousands of people, get them paid 10 times as much as any coach out there, explore my Founders Lounge and get yourself on the Admissions Call. Let's meet and speak frankly about what's going to get you to live your life's purpose and make great money with it.

Lira Kay is an international bestselling author, founder of School Of Inspired Life, a professional training center for expert coaches and healers to become world-class and in high demand.

Lira started her life coaching business 7 years ago and successfully led many transformational programs, such as 90 Days to Love, Be Phenomenal: Mindset To Empower, $10K From Monday To Friday and a $100K in 100 Days Challenge.

Her most popular one year programs Advanced Coaches and Healers Certification and Founders Lounge help successful coaches and thought leaders launch their own schools and academies and creates a solid foundation for a 7-figure transformational business.

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