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What to Do if You Feel You Don’t Belong

Lira Kanaan

Good morning, my dear friend. Have you opened your eyes and felt blessed, excited to begin your day? Have you been able to connect with people around you, make things happen, experience love and joy that this world has to offer? No? Then this article is for you. We will talk about why you are feeling this way, and we will take the journey together into the depth of your soul. We will witness you becoming connected with your purpose and your blissful path in this world.

I am certain that if you found this blog post, the words I am choosing to describe what is happening will resonate with you. You won’t be put off by such a vocabulary as Universe, God, spiritual path, and life’s purpose. I believe my message has found you because you asked for it, and I am happy to be the catalyst of the growth and transformation that is about to happen, that you are about to create.

I am also certain, that this meaningful change will happen for you, because, I know, you are ready to take responsibility for it. You are sick and tired, unfortunately, literally sick and tired, of waiting for answers, and you want your journey to begin right now.

You had been waiting a long time, maybe many life times, to get in touch with your higher purpose. You are that special child, who, perhaps, suffered, feeling alone, and even abandoned. I can even presume that by law of attraction, the Universal principal we are all living, that you had manifested a pretty obvious circumstances for yourself to prove your point. You had been born into a family and an environment that supported your craving to belong, to be connected with someone special, someone loving, friendly and accepting.

I understand. I am one of this kind myself, and know exactly how hard it can be. Also now, from the place I had found, I can say with all my heart, you are on the right path. You have almost arrived. I want to offer you something that would help you to take the last steps in this world as a lonely and an unhappy creature. Can you truly accept this concept? Can you imagine yourself liberated from the burden of loneliness, from the fear of abandonment, and from the feeling of being lost?

Can you allow yourself to be found?

Because, really, this is what we are going to be doing, we are going to be finding and loving you. It is important. Finding and loving you is important.

Before we begin your healing journey I want to explain what happened prior you began feeling lost and confused. How did you get there in the first place.

Symptoms of a midlife crisis often feel like an identity crisis. They go hand in hand with fears of being alone, being rejected, not fitting in. Almost everybody who had been experiencing any personal or professional crisis had to go through desperate attempt to find oneself in one way or another. Crisis does this to you. It just emphasizes that old feeling of not truly belonging in the first place. So where did it all begin?

Lira Kanaan

How Your Lost Your Universe

Before we begin taking account of the events, which had defined you and your story, I want to give you permission to feel rightfully angry or disappointed. Understand, that feelings are ok. If you didn’t feel rage in a face of evil, or bliss in a presence of all good, I would get really worried. Emotional pain comes with the territory for the one who doesn’t truly belong. Feeling disconnected is uncomfortable. It is annoying. It’s not productive. It’s distractive. It has to end.

You know all that and, yet, giving up that pain is hard. You first want to know why and how it happened. Fair enough. I will explain the process of getting lost in three simple steps. So when you feel enough of ‘belonging’ you can get lost any time on your own like a pro.

• You have clarity. It is frightening. So you begin to distract yourself, tone it down, so to speak. You start paying attention to all things dull and dumb, presuming, it’s the right thing to do. It is a right thing to do if you don’t want to be clear, living your purpose here and now.

• You know what to do, but you see no one else do it, so you pollute your vision. Maybe you’ve got it wrong, who are you to know what to do? You like that attitude, it’s very safe.

• With time you lose your clarity. Like a tail it falls off in a face of your personal evolution, there’s no usage for it. You settle for suffering. Why suffering? Because when you pollute yourself long enough, your whole body or mind, or both, you become poisoned. It’s no fun walking around being ill. The scary part is, you might be contagious.

So, what can you do now?

Lira Kanaan

On the first session I give this mantra to all my clients: With all that I am and did, I entirely and unconditionally accept myself today.

Accepting, validating what you had been through is a big deal. Day by day you can commit to accepting yourself. Through that acceptance a lot of peace can be found. A lot of you can be found.

Judging brings separation. Separation brings denial. You cannot be in denial and belong at the same time. Just saying. Begin working that self- acceptance piece. It will slowly but surely bring a lot of emotional and even physical satisfaction, and healing.

Today, you are claiming back the clarity you once had, called your own, that came with the sense of belonging. The sense of belonging is just another sense among many with which you were born.

Start claiming yourself back from the land of fazed and confused through making all of the senses work for you. Coincidentally, you’ll find yourself connected to the heart of all, to the center, the core, the source.

In order to use the senses you have you need to do three things:

1) don’t be afraid to be big, old and wise;

Lira K

2) find or create a friendly environment to experiment with being newly open and with that, vulnerable;

Lira Kanaan

3) make some effort to allow clarity to bless you with its presence.

Lira Kanaan

I will show you exactly how to do and be any of those in my upcoming posts. If you can’t wait and what to exercise your belonging immediately, I can recommend you my book “I Belong, The Journey from Lost to Found”, which you can get on Amazon as soon as you click this link.

Lira Kanaan

Lira Kay an author, life coach and a founder of She's Got Passion and the School of Inspired Life a training center for purpose-driven professionals to find information and inspiration to stay on their mission to create a meaningful change in the world. Every Wednesday Lira answers one question she 's been asked by a member of her audience around the globe. If you have a question, please, go to CONTACT and send Lira your question. She will create a post to answer it or will send you a personal answer in the email. Know, that your question will help many others to find clarity and motivation. We are all connected and your input is important. Thank you.

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