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How to Find Yourself

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Question: I feel like am standing at the crossroads of my life, I've recently lost my job and got divorced. My whole life as I knew it is gone. What can I do to find myself again?

Lira: I often hear this, "How can I get my old self back, how can I find myself?" My answer is, don't try to get back to your old self. Thankfully, you've grown and you've learned your lessons in life. You can not stand in the same river twice. Recognize and accept your growing. Solving an identity crisis is not about recreating what you had or even what you thought you want to be, but rather it is a great opportunity to move forward and define yourself anew.

My suggestion is, begin with examining your desires. Your desires give you a clue of what your calling in life is. Don't ignore what you want. Most of your troubles and losses came from that exact mistake, trying to fit in, achieve what everybody else expected you to achieve. Actually, what you truly want, what your soul is yarning to experience in this life, can not escape your presence. You will have it and do it, and feel it, and probably much sooner than you think. The key is to go deep, beyond, what you think you know about yourself. Take time to uncover the layers of your past and reveal the beauty of your soulful path.

In the School of Inspired Life we teach people how to actually do it, how to go deeper into yourself than you ever imagined before and find those answers. Check out for free resources and tools.

Lira Kay

Lira Kay an author, life coach and a founder of She's Got Passion and the School of Inspired Life a training center for purpose-driven professionals to find information and inspiration to stay on their mission to create a meaningful change in the world. Every Wednesday Lira answers one question she 's been asked by a member of her audience around the globe. If you have a question, please, go to CONTACT and send Lira your question. She will create a post to answer it or will send you a personal answer in the email. Know, that your question will help many others to find clarity and motivation. We are all connected and your input is important. Thank you.

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