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I Have Proof You are Beautiful, But are You Ready to Accept it? Is Coaching Right for You?

Working with a coach is a powerful experience. In fact, it can be life changing. However, it is not for everyone. To benefit the best one has to be truly open to transformation.

You are on this page, and this means you are somewhat interested. To make a next step answer the questions beneath.

Is coaching for me?

1. Am I able to face reality as it is?

2. Am I open to personal development, learning and change?

3. Am I open for receiving feedback?

4. Am I committed and invested in my own development?

5. Am I ready and able to enter into a coaching relationship?

6. Am I ready and able to make myself vulnerable to another?

7. Am I hungry for making a change or transformation in order to achieve my goals?

8. Do I have the patience to stay with the coaching process?

If you answered YES to all eight questions, congratulations, you qualify to start your relationship transformation process with a coach.

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Lira Kanaan

Lira Kay an author, life coach and a founder of She's Got Passion and the School of Inspired Life a training center for purpose-driven professionals to find information and inspiration to stay on their mission to create a meaningful change in the world. Every Wednesday Lira answers one question she 's been asked by a member of her audience around the globe. If you have a question, please, go to CONTACT and send Lira your question. She will create a post to answer it or will send you a personal answer in the email. Know, that your question will help many others to find clarity and motivation. We are all connected and your input is important. Thank you.

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