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What is Biofield Tuning? (And Can It Actually Help Me?)

By Sandra Lee, Biofield Tuning Practitioner & Licensed Massage Therapist

When I first learned about Biofield Tuning, to be honest I was skeptical about its ability to have a significant impact. As a massage therapist for 27 years, I learned many energetic healing modalities. But I wasn’t using them. Why? Because I wasn’t getting lasting results. I believe that everything is energy, and that energetically creating change is possible. Yet with energy modalities, I had failed to create changes that last. Blocks in the flow of energy through the body contribute to wide ranging symptoms, physical, mental, and emotional. When blocked energy returns to flowing, symptoms improve. For decades, I have relieved discomfort for my clients with the combination of bodywork and my personal style of facilitating the flow of stuck energy. But no energy modalities had produced lasting results for me. Until I found Biofield Tuning. Biofield Tuning

This is a gentle way to bring the energy around your body (your bioelectric field, or aura) into alignment. Using sound created by tuning forks, blocked, disrupted energy is allowed to return to a coherent, organized state. Then the energy is able to flow. Sessions are effective either in person or conducted remotely. As a client, you lie down or sit comfortably, clothed and relaxed. Receiving Biofield Tuning, you feel calmer and more energetic. Aligned energy makes it easier for your body to heal. My clients experience a profound sense of wholeness, well-being, and clarity. Frequently, they become clear about their purpose and how they serve. It is astonishing in its simplicity. Yet the impact of my work with Biofield Tuning has been astounding. A friend injured her hand. It was black and blue, and she couldn’t open it. I did Biofield Tuning — by telephone. While I worked on her, she watched the bruise fade, and she could open her hand. That is results! (It is important to say that this is not medical treatment. I cannot diagnose, prescribe, or treat any condition. I work with the energy as I am able to perceive it. It works!) For pretty much whatever you have going on, it is possible that Biofield Tuning can make a difference. Physical issues and injuries, stress and overwhelm, and feeling stuck and indecisive. I help people better understand their life purpose. I work with people and their businesses, aligning them with the energetic purpose of the business. Workshop

Please watch my 111 Healers Conference workshop. I am talking about what trauma is, from big and shattering to small and ‘normal.’ Biofield Tuning can make a transformative difference for people who are recovering.

Release Trauma With Sound Live on the Facebook group page for the 111 Healers Conference. If you are unable to watch the session Live, the recording will remain on the Facebook Group. I look forward to sharing more with you during the workshop.

Stress causes emotional distress and keeps you from having a healthy, joyful life. Forgetting to take care of yourself sabotages your well-being. To give your body, mind, and heart the attention they deserve, try the simple actions in my FREE handout, 5 Tips For Shedding Stress. A little daily attention makes a huge difference. As a Biofield Tuning practitioner, I see that decreasing stress and becoming more aligned can help you: Get relief from pain and trauma. Effectively manage daily experiences. Re-imagine your life purpose. Feel a greater sense of peace and security.
 Request the 5 Tips ebook at Thank you. Breathe Sandra Lee

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