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There Is Only Fear Or Love

In my family, we have always expressed love, but often we did it dysfunctionally. All of my pain became fertilizer for planting my own seeds to blossom into beauty and nourish my soul. I want to share with you what my journey has taught me so far. For me this first lesson is the essence of all; there is only fear or love and fear is just love in resistance, therefore there is only love. Second, Love is oneness, the part that connects and animates us all. Third, Love always feels good, is full of infinite possibilities and leads to clear discernment. Alternately, fear is anything that doesn’t feel good and comes with limiting beliefs and judgement. Fear is the expression of the ego which is the “I”, individual self or our personality. Fear is a story we write ourselves. These two sides of the same coin are the gifts of duality. Love and fear was given to us to allow us to walk this earth and to let our spiritual self experience the physical realm for a time. Learning about fear and love made my life so much simpler and the world so much more beautiful. I started to practice remembering that anything that didn’t feel good was fear. As a result, if someone was sarcastic, judgemental, angry or dismissive with me, I no longer had to take it personally and write a story about the worries I created. Instead, I could choose to see them compassionately through the eyes of love and know they were ‘in fear’ trying to be loved. Furthermore, as we are all one in love, anytime we judge another we are judging ourselves.Therefore anytime I am bothered by another it is actually a reflection of what is happening in my own life, they were just the messenger. Flip side, whatever beauty we see in another also exists in ourselves. In order to walk this path of love I needed a few more tools. I had to learn the power of mindfulness, presence and compassion,( how they differ and then how to choose it all day, each day as I flowed in and out of consciously living) In my studies I learned that Mindfulness is choosing to live consciously( in your heart or your ego). Presence is being in the moment, feeling and sensing without thought. This is a place where separation does not exist,and if we spend enough time getting into that space we realize we are all love and it is our birthright. Compassion is a conscious state of being love. It is a choice to be aware that “we are love”, to be the light and let others choose if they would like to join us there. It was humbling at first to see how I was living life through the lense of fear and judgement, and realizing I must learn to live my life on my terms through the power of love.

There's Only Fear Or Love Workshop by Natalie Fraser

About Natalie Fraser

Natalie Fraser, or as some know her, OSA, has been working as a spiritual coach and facilitator for over 20 years. Her philosophy is to always be the student as well as the teacher. She perpetually continues her studies in western modalities of counselling along with ancient and modern healing practices from around the world. Natalie takes this approach in order to able to meet each clients needs rather than the client being limited to one treatment method. As a result if one approach does not work she has another. Her work has taken her into offices, schools, hospitals, community groups, seniors centres and family homes, making her work universal and adaptable to all. She enjoys the challenges of finding out how to speak “your language” and listen to your needs. Her sole purpose is to give you the tools to help you heal yourself.

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