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OMG, Identity Crisis in the Middle of Launching Your Luxury Brand!

Are you facing an identity crisis while launching your luxury brand? It can be frustrating to feel limited by traditional branding strategies when you want to showcase all your unique skills and expertise. But what if I showed you how to overcome this hurdle and brand yourself in a way that highlights all your brilliant and equally valuable sides? The answer lies in asking the right questions. Let me share the secret with you.

Lira Kay. Branding Your Multidimensional Self

Being blocked by an identity crisis is especially relevant for those who are multi-talented and multi-skilled.

If you are in your midlife, it's likely that you have a lot to show for the good and complicated life you have lived (and are still living!). Your achievements are not only in your professional life but also in your familial, romantic, and social relationships. You can relate to anybody, understand, and reach the hearts of people from all walks of life.

You have probably moved places, relocated, and traveled. You might speak another language and are familiar with other people's cultures. You have your own diverse ethnic and cultural background. You have survived the loss of people and status in your life, broken and repaired relationships and friendships, and rebuilt and recreated yourself, your career, or your business many times over.

You've been warned not to be the Jack Of All Trades... But let's face it, you are! And you are the master of all.

You are well-adjusted, well-rounded, and over-qualified. You can put your mind to anything and succeed. You are equally great and even brilliant at all of the things life has thrown at you.

You have invested time, money, and fierce dedication to educate and uplevel yourself. You have never stopped learning, growing, and evolving.

So what's wrong with that?

Identity crisis only arises when you are asked to focus your efforts and define yourself in a certain way. Without that question, you are happy being your multidimensional self, proudly showcasing and utilizing all sides of your personality and expertise.

So, let’s rephrase the question.

Instead of asking "who am I and what do I do?", ask "how can I combine all of my skills and experiences to create a unique outlook and path towards success, happiness, and fulfillment?"

Then, describe the 2-3 qualities that you possess as a result of this combination.

If you are in the process of launching a luxury brand, an upscale school, or an academy where you teach your unique skills, or sell bespoke experiences and create original products, keep in mind that what will make it special, and therefore, highly sought-after, is your unparalleled expertise and unique perspective from someone who has experienced it all.


Some of the greatest mentors in the business and transformational industries proudly embrace their diverse experience. They do not attempt to minimize it.

Abraham Jay, one of the most expensive business coaches, often starts his presentations by saying something like, "I have had the privilege of working with four thousand businesses and have gained a unique perspective on how to succeed."

Tony Robbins incorporates stories from his childhood and past work experiences to relate to a broad audience. He appeals to both the masses and the most powerful leaders and celebrities.

Oprah, known for her inclusivity, has surrounded herself with diverse groups of people and invites them onto her interviews and shows. She is admired and loved by people of all races, classes, and backgrounds.


So, instead of trying to confine yourself to a specific label, I would like to encourage you to highlight some of the more impactful, more universal aspects of your personality to capture the essence and overall vibe of your brand.

For instance, consider descriptors such as competent, wise, and loving, much like how Jay, Tony, and Oprah present themselves.

You can delve even deeper to uncover nuances within these traits and support your statement with real-life examples.

For example:

"Experienced mentor and educator with 30 years of working with thousands of people across the globe."

"Wise entrepreneur who has built successful communities and businesses from scratch, not only for herself, but for hundreds of her private clients and students."

"Loving and accepting of all people, with a personal story that includes raising five daughters, being married, and persevering through loss, challenges, and adversity."

"Passionate about her life's purpose to facilitate transformative miracles and nurture the natural gifts and talents of her students."

The possibilities are endless – these are just a few examples of how you can use this concept to define your brand in a unique and powerful way.


Now it's your turn! Instead of trying to fit yourself into an existing niche, accept your original blueprint and write down three universal qualities you possess as a result of being yourself and living your life. Then make sure to speak up about them and proudly be the face of your own unique niche and brand. Surprisingly, you will find out that people are more likely to be similar to you than you think.

After all, most of us, if not all, cannot fit in a box and struggle to answer the question "who am I?" with a single, beautifully edited sentence.

You can do a lot of things.

You are talented and successful at many.

You are brilliant, dedicated and passionate.

Not at this or that. But, just, are.



Lira Kay is an international artist, futurist and celebrity guide, she have been called a secret weapon behind phenomenal success of prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

For the past 30 years she led global public projects and had worked with the professional elite around the globe, while brining up 5 daughters, traveling the world and running a business.

Learn more about her work: VIP work and Meaningful Trends Project Publishing, Business and Skills Training

Get in touch and apply to work with Lira here.

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