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New Level Comes with New Addictions and Fears - Shifting Meta-Models with Lira Kay

Next Level.

Now, how do you shift your meta-model? How do you know which one you need the most at any given moment? Do we have to shift or can we just stay in the same model until we die?

All great questions here. Thank you!

Yes, mostly, we shift from our model to a new one spontaneously, after experiencing a personal crisis.

Personal crisis, inability to remain the same due to an event or a situation prompting a big shift, is also a spiritual crisis, as well as a crisis of Identity.

Spiritual crisis is a crisis of your meta-model - what do you believe in, now you’ve lost your grounds.

Identity crisis is how do you go about it, now you can not simply continue doing what you had done in the past. You, doing something new, will demand a new skillset and new role-models.

Personal crisis makes you literally a different person. In our context of Alpha archetypes - a new type.

When you shift, you adopt not only a new identity, that includes your new beliefs and new behavior, but also a new Shadow that comes with your type.

This is why, if you look back, and trace our own big transformations, you will not only notice a change in perspective, but also get annoyed by different things, triggered by different people, distract and procrastinate a new way. The Shadow is just a part of the package.


Because Shadow is not a separate entity, it is just a different side of the same coin.

If you are an Alchemist, you are very likely in danger of burning out.

If you are an Architect, you will procrastinate through perfectionism.

A big feeler Artist is also a people’s pleaser or a narcissist. And an Altruist will fall by scheming too much and end up corrupting others or being corrupt, if he doesn’t watch out.

No Artist can burn out, because their drive is not to work, but to feel and connect. No Altruist will procrastinate, because they couldn’t care less about criticism or rejection. Each archetype operates in their own domain.

As we cross over between archetypes we don’t just let go of our old addictions and drives. We adopt the new ones. New fears, new passions, new ambitions, new behavioral patterns.

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