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My Brilliant Pathway to Stress Less Success for Speakers and Leaders at Home and Work

My Brilliant Pathway unfolded through 40 years of dealing with my own stress, and through helping hundreds of clients successfully transform their life after loss.

My path began when I was barely two. My father, whom I adored, was transferred to Japan. Although the separation was only a few months, for a 2 year old it was an eternity. Busy moving our household of four, my mother was unavailable. My response to my abandonment was to become a people pleaser. It provided the attention and approval I craved and took me all the way to finishing my Ph.D.

It might have continued this way had I not received three big wake-up calls. My first teaching job was terminate, my husband left me and I almost destroyed my relationship with the man who became and is my second husband -- all because of my fear of rejection. Each loss invited me to go deeper into the cause and consequences of that first abandonment.

I understand why my high-powered clients struggle with overwhelm, stress and burnout. They prove themselves through working long hours and doing it all. They think they have no choice and are afraid to say no or let go of control. They are unable to delegate, ask for help or even trust when help is offered. To heal they must to learn to value themselves, set limits and ask for what they need.

I was nearly 50 when I reached my turning point. A series of powerful healings brought me back to who I am and why I am here.

Below are the 3 steps I took to shift from putting everyone ahead of me to becoming a brilliant transformational healer and leader:

1. Friend Your Body. Our western practice of body-numbing causes poor health, early aging and premature death. Listening to your body, working around its fears and attending to its needs will be rewarded with vibrant health, energy and cooperation in your success.

2. Love What You Do. This means giving up your addiction to attention and control. You must only do what YOU really want to do. When you surrender to your passion and do what you love, it is actually self-fulfilling. You no longer crave approval or worry so much about getting it right.

3. Engage Your Community. Because humans are a social species the influence of your community can be either empowering or devastating. Some will celebrate your change, others will not. Let go of the need to hold on to those who cannot accept you. As you change, your community will change. When you serve from your heart rather than the need for acceptance, you attract the right people, help them and everyone wins.

Watch my video and apply each of these steps to your own life work if you are ready to free yourself from the cycle of stress and overwhelm and make a difference.

BodySpeak Workshop by Dr Michelle Peticolas

About Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Dr. Michelle Peticolas is an international best-selling author, award-winning filmmaker and founder of Second Chance Secrets, a professional training center that enables speaker and leaders to reinvent their life so they can share their brilliance, attract premium clients and make a difference.

For 25 years, Dr. Michelle has been assisting people to reconnect body and soul with coaching, psychology, psychosomatics and spirituality.

Her Body-Activation Series is a 7-Day email series to get you started. The 3-month Interactive Self-Study Program is an easy next step.

Body-Activation Series


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