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Men and Art

I’m not even touching addictions, sexual dysfunctions, social anxiety, depression from fathering kids with a wrong woman, any woman, really... constant worry about money, identity crisis, never answered existential question - where am I going with this?

I’m not even mentioning the grandiosity complex, perfectionism and a crippling self esteem.

Inability to hold on to money.

All, while viciously calculating your next step.

Living cheap.





Eyes on the prize.

Seems like it.

But never there.

Unattainable targets.

Big loud talk about ‘the flow’,

and a quiet suffocating

struggle behind the scenes.

Stoically, to keep going.

Bravely, believing.

Carrying on without validation, without a pat on back…

Even if occasionally, a recognition.

A pay check. An award.

But bathing in love.

Living with an




Unexplainable attraction.

Women, sizing you up, and liking what you’ve got.

Dudes, too.

Deep, powerful, scorpionic gaze.

A soul of a party.

A sage.

An old wise man.

The source.

This overdrives everything.

The ecstatic dance between two worlds.

Riding the wave.

Allowed to be human.

Celebrated for your weaknesses.

Reaching for the stars.

And, it’s ok to fall.

Be the fallen angel.

Fight your demons.

Never win.

But get the credit.

The hero coming down from the top of the mountain to lay on the beach.

Meditate on the meaning of life.

And be witnessed.

Are you an artist?

About Lira Kay

Lira Kay is a Transformational Artist, a Founder of Meaningful Trends Project and an LK Media Center.

She is a visionary creative producer and a world-leading expert on the collective consciousnesses.

She works with social archetypes, public figures, cultural role models, missionaries, artists, gurus and teachers.

She consults on original innovative personal development technologies and methods, and leads global public projects to bring people and communities healing, hope and transformation.

Lira has been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal success of many prominent social and creative enterprises and their CEOs.

She is an international speaker, a bestselling author and publisher.

You can learn more about her private work

Join her Public Meaningful Trends project

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