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Meaningful Trends, Future Vision - Kerryn Fields - Showcasing Talent

Meaningful Trends - Kerryn Fields PR for Global Influence. How your global visibility will affect the future and how to connect with Kerryn to amplify your message and your impact. Interview with a Founder and a Host of Meaningful Trends Lira Kay.

My Vision for the Future - by Kerryn Fields

The future for me is one where people are connected to their inner voice/ intuition/ soul’s guidance and self-acceptance and self-love is the norm. We live attuned to our bodies and minds and respect nature and work in harmony with it, ourselves and others. Science has proven that anything labelled ‘spiritual’ is in fact our natural human design and as a result, everyone embraces it and lives by the universal laws automatically.

Children are born into homes where they are loved and nurtured by parents, wider families and communities who act as the support network for each other. We are taught the values of kindness, integrity and love for everyone from birth. The global education system teaches us about how our bodies, souls, ego, and minds work so we understand ourselves from the start and are therefore better equipped to manage any negative thinking or behaviours when they arise and conversely, perform to our fullest potentials too. We are taught skills that develop our strengths and help us manage and accept our weaknesses so that we know our value and how we would like to contribute to the tapestry that is our world. Children are given choices and encouraged to take ownership of those choices and behaviours from an early age. We accept each other’s differences and work together to support those that need an extra hand in life.

We are healthy in mind and body because the food we eat is free of chemicals, refined sugars and other toxins that affect our DNA and attack our cells. We look after our world, our environment and all the animals in it. We are thriving. We are powerful and harness the power of mediation, visualisation and energy to achieve, create and give back.

As people grow up, we network and collaborate to support each other’s efforts in business and we barter goods, services and other commodities (e.g. art). Everyone learns how to turn inward for happiness so that jealousy, greed and other negative behaviours have become traits that we recognise as meaning someone needs emotional support and love and so they are helped to re-member who they are, re-centre and re-align with themselves.

We live flexibly as we need to, moving between countries with children being able to move into new school systems with ease and additional support. Teachers, nurses, cleaners and other essential service providers are valued and respected by their communities who ensure they have everything they need in life. We are abundant in everything. Our thinking is open, limitless and creative and therefore our physical manifestations are inspiring, valuable, helpful and creative.

There is no poverty or homelessness as we make sure everyone is taken care of. There is enough for everyone and we all live well. We recognise and know that we are all one and that if one person were to be left destitute, that could be us so we rally around and make sure we all lift each other up.

Our businesses are based on our skills and passions and we value all perspectives and experiences but we don’t feel the need to idolise people – we are all as valuable as each other and we celebrate our differences and contributions. There are many platforms where people can communicate and share their lives, stories or showcase their talents. We focus on positive and uplifting stories, mind-blowing creations and developments made by people working together across the globe to bring these into reality.

Our eco-systems are guided by wise councils who are accountable to the people and who work transparently, openly and regularly communicate goals as well as progress. We live in a just, kind, caring and loving world. We experience an abundance of joyfulness, wisdom and education, healthy living, wealth in all its forms and we love ourselves and take care of each other with respect and equality.


About Kerryn Fields

Kerryn Fields is the founder of Koola Communications, a PR agency for purpose-driven businesses and is a multi-award-winning Public Relations professional and public speaker with 20 years of international experience. Kerryn has managed the PR for global brands like Visa, Barclaycard, AIG, Hiscox, Whirlpool, Nestlé, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) and has also acted as an advisor and consultant to many purpose-driven small businesses and start-ups. Kerryn also teaches small business owners and experts the skills needed to land their own publicity through her training business, The PR Engine.


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