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How to Break the Cycle of Boring Board Meetings

As CEOs we want to bring passion to the table, instead of starting meetings with talking about schedules and metrics.

We feel drained immediately…

But seem to be stuck in the routine and falling into the pattern.

We’ve sat on those meetings, being on the receiving end. We know it’s demoralizing, but to do something different and break the cycle will take guts.

So what are we dealing with when it comes to changing the status quo?

Showing up as a passionate and caring is vulnerable.

It is powerful.

And it is the most intimate thing we can do.

And who will allow ‘intimacy’ on the board meeting?!

Who can even imagine that?!

So, you are going against the typical expectations and ruining the cosy and comfortable positioning of hiding behind your roles and intensives for EVERYBODY!

But you are the leader.

You are the boss.

You are the source.

A role model.

A trend-setter.

Let me help you bring out your passion and nurturing side by showing you how charisma works.

I love working with Father/ Mother or Patriarch/Matriarch archetypes when bringing out the best out of C-suite leaders.

For your team you are the father/mother figure whether you admit to it or not.

Father/mother figure is a complexed positioning. It comes with good, bad and the ugly.

Some people would have an ever-going authority issues.

They will have a need to combat and compete with you. Take your place.

Some will fall into a Child positioning and act helplessly and co-dependently.

This is why we have resentment to openly take on the Parent positioning in a group. We know, we can’t win.

However, your mission as a leader, assumes heighten responsibility and authority.

Watch my training to see how you can help yourself to take your rightful position in your organization and navigate the group dynamics that will inevitably show up in response.

PS. You will understand how to start your meetings differently and show up as your passionate, powerful, caring self…

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