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How Embracing my Mother Archetype Helps My Clients to Fly

Unconditional love is hard to get.

Almost impossible.

We judge, naturally and constantly.

But it is the total and complete acceptance that takes us to our new highs, liberates us from self doubt and allows us to truly create.

My space is for you to be loved.

Just as you are.

With more than you show the world.

With all that you’re hiding.

With more that is yet to be realized.

My clients call me their spiritual mother.

Unconditional radical acceptance and encouragement lets them make some powerful moves and create quantum leaps in their relationships, their careers and businesses.

We begin with detoxing from the old ways of ‘proving oneself’.

My Release 20 Pounds of Pain Process had been endorsed as a lifesaver by many of my celebrity clients who had healed from addictions, attachments and co-dependencies.

I expose the guilt, shame and self-doubt to be an addiction, which is, just like any other, needs to be dealt on the physical and emotional levels. This is why I call it a detox. These suffocating feelings that sabotage your success need to be out of your body.

The next thing we do, is understand our relationships.

Powerful deep shadow work will completely transform your marriage, your friendships and your network.

We bring in the love, compassion and care that you had blocked yourself from, due to some old, sometimes, ancestral, wounds.

You will find trust in people, authorities and communities again.

You will understand how to lead from a new paradigm.

You will see yourself receive everything that was owed to you. All your hard work and sacrifice being karmically paid back. You will rejoice in celebration of love and abundance, that was always available to you, but denied, until now.

Then it’s time to envision your new mission.

Rediscover your gifts, step into your power.

Being a psychotherapist, a spiritual counselor and teacher for the past 30 years, working with thousands of people around the world, mentoring and training other doctors, healers and coaches, I distinguished 7 specific spiritual gifts.

On my program we will activate them and dive deeper with the most challenging gift that needs to open in order for you to elevate your impact and presence.

I will show you how to transcend your past, your well-deserved success, life lessons, wisdom into the next chapter of your life and work.

You will show up differently for the people.

You will be recognized for your power.

Your influence.

Your impact.

I’ve taken brands I worked with to be world-class and in high demand as I showed their CEOs how to lead from the White Shadow - the Future Alpha Archetype - that, until now, was deeply suppressed.

White Shadow is a powerful way to understand your potential.

I will show you how to integrate and embody yourself as an icon.

You will see new wave of opportunities, we'll call them, golden opportunities, coming your way.

Imagine the golden gates and a flood of beautiful, luxurious, heart-aligned, deliciously inspiring invitations appearing in your presence.

This is exactly what embracing your full power and potentiality would look like.

And you are the center of this.

A creator.

A nurturer.

Giving and receiving at the highest capacity.

Working and living at the edge of your limitations.

Paving the way for the young.

Being a role model.

Being a part of the future.

Looking ahead.

This is the WORK we do.

From there, the sky is the limit.

I invite you into my world by discovering your Future Alpha White Shadow Archetype.

See, where your big vision can take you.

Your romantic and social life, your health and body image, your career, finances and business.

How energetic and spiritual shift you’ll make, can affect what you do in the world and how you show up for your community and your audience.

Let’s help you to understand, transcend and fully step into your next level impact.

Let your next chapter be about radical self expression, love and prosperity, for the good of all.

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