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David Ilan - Global Healing and Inspired Future - Points with Purpose and STEM Pointillism Projects

I would love to introduce you to David Ilan, an artist, a global change maker and activist.

He’s projects set an example of leadership and creative interference when it comes to healing our community and also expanding the vision for our future.

David is a part of our 111 Healer Conference as a leader of a healing movement with his Points with Purpose project. And is our honored guest for the Meaningful Trends Series starting this month, with his STEM Pointillism Project.

POINTS WITH PURPOSE - A global Healing Project

David Ilan is a pointillism artist who creates global charitable projects. He is the creator of the One Dot = One Person concept where every dot in the pointillism portraits represent a real person who participates by requesting a dot. These charitable interactive projects have helped millions of people in over 150 countries, with the first project being for survivors of rape and sexual assault. His artwork has been displayed from California to Australia and tours include several U.S. states and European countries.



In the interview we are asking David about his experience with leading his Points with Purpose projects.

A Better Future - STEM Pointillism Project

To excite students about science, technology, engineering, and math. To show them that they are capable of having a career in a STEM field, if they choose to, and help them understand what it takes to achieve that goal. While the project includes all kids, there is a slight focus on getting young girls interested in STEM because of the gender gap in some of the STEM fields.

Students also feel proud of the drawing they created. They feel connected to the STEM community because the thought they shared is forever represented by a dot in the STEM pointillism drawing.

Learn more about the project here:


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