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Against All Odds - Aditi - Ukrainian Artist and Yogi Finds Hope Through Art

"How I see the future. People learn to appreciate and love life, each of the living beings. Learn to help and support the weak, learn from and share other cultures, not conquer and destroy. They will love to learn. Travel. Create. Just live for real! Love is my future."

Here is a message from Aditi Andreeva, a talented artist, curator and animator from Kyiv.

"Good afternoon! I am making my new Instagram profile page, as I have no chance to teach and long to tell who I am, what I did, what I achieved. I believe that as an artist, nothing is yet to come. But oh well! I had one interesting project "Home Gallery" thanks to the inspiration after the exhibition in Marseille 2010 with Lira Kay. Home Gallery - It was an initiative project and it lasted as long as the initiative was sufficient. Understand, when I did these projects not as a professional curator or organizer, but they were. It was very interesting and fun. So just dropping some links to my albums on this page. Who is interested - I share You can find more on the page in the albums. I have saved the page.

Grateful to all my teachers (Levitska M. S. , Adamovich R. S. , Yogini Kaliji)

Teacher, it's not for a certain time of life, it's forever. Every word, action spent together has a great impact and timely comes to the heart and inspires the future everyday.

Thanks to everyone who supported me during that time. Who is supporting right now. Who is near, who is far...

Now I have to focus on my own creativity.

Finally I have the feeling and desire to prove myself as an artist.

So starting my first own steps.

With Ukraine in the heart."


I've known Aditi since my Futureproof project I launched in my Marseille Project Gallery in 2010.

We were showing 165 artists I handpicked from around the world - everybody submitted an art work, poetry, film, sound, performance art piece to talk about the future of the planet. We explored the ideas about the post-apocalyptic reality as artists see it.

As part of that exhibition we showed artists and invited them to stay in my house in France and even did a collaborative art-painting via Skype!

Aditi, then Natalie Andreeva, came over and we had blast, talking about art, film, projects and the future. I just had my fifth daughter and Natalie had a 3-year old at home.

Now, 12 years later we are reconnecting. New world is emerging... through the pain and hurt of the old world crumbling as we speak.

Through the pain and fear, through apathy and despair Aditi, she changed her name a few years back as she became a devout yogi, pools herself back to life.

She flees Kyiv with her two sons, husband left in Ukraine, and settles in France, in a small village near Paris. She is grateful for all the help and support of the two local people who had opened their houses to refugees.

We spoke, early in the morning for me in Hawaii, late afternoon for her in Europe, remembering our work and time together, talking about kids, war and peace.

What Aditi shared was how she struggled after leaving her home to find sense in her life, continue going despite all the devastation and worry. Art had got her through.

She started painting again.

And out of pain, fear and a disaster a beauty was born.

The soul, you see, is longing for hope.

Art, creative act heals and lets you move through the emotion and find clarity for your next step... even if it is just to get out of bed and take care of your kids. For now it is enough. For now it's aright thing to do.

And for the public - we see beautiful paintings radiating love, hope and faith in a better future.

Aditi, said, a Future Despite the War.

She brings a message of positivity. Her work inspires people to look forward to the better times. To go on. To stay alive.

Please, check out Aditi's Fine Art US shop space and order a print or painting from her.

Not only you would absolutely love the art work, you will also support an artist bringing hope and taking care of her family in a very dire times, when she needs your support the most.

So here are the links to get in touch with Aditi and ask her about her paintings and support her work.


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