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How to Deal with Overwhelm in Business

Lira Kanaan, Producer, Impact and Influence Mentor

Question: I have too many ideas and feel like I am overloaded. Should I be taking action and implementing all that comes to my mind?

Lira: When you feel like you have too much to do and not enough time, ask yourself, what is the pay off of my overwhelm. The answer would be something like, "if I can't do all of it, I won't do any of it." Distractions are doing only one thing for you, keeping you stuck in where you are now. And, by now you would know about the fear of success. It is also called the fear of unknown. So when you start having too many ideas while working on one particular project, explain yourself, that you can handle the success that would follow the completion of your project. It's like you are healing your mind, telling it, it's ok to grow, to be bigger, to step into the unknown.

You are in charge of your mind. So use soothing and then commanding to get what you need out of it. Focus is essential for your success. So don't deviate, have faith in yourself.

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Lira Kay an author, life coach and a founder of She's Got Passion and the School of Inspired Life a training center for purpose-driven professionals to find information and inspiration to stay on their mission to create a meaningful change in the world. Every Wednesday Lira answers one question she 's been asked by a member of her audience around the globe. If you have a question, please, go to CONTACT and send Lira your question. She will create a post to answer it or will send you a personal answer in the email. Know, that your question will help many others to find clarity and motivation. We are all connected and your input is important. Thank you.

Lira Kanaan, Producer, Impact and Influence Mentor

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