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How To Find Clarity and Focus in Life and Business

Lira Kanaan, Producer, Impact and Influence Mentor

In my previous posts I promised you a great finding clarity exercise. The best way to find clarity is stay still for a moment and make effort to feel your body and your mind being totally present. Use all of your senses help you belong in this world.

Now this clarity exercise, which is really an exercise in staying present, must become a practice. Clarity doesn’t come from your mind’s desperation to find an answer. Moment or a state of clarity is there before the question is asked. Clarity is in seeing what things really are. How they feel; how you feel in their presence. The key word is presence.

Let’s face it, most of us have way too much going on to stay in the moment. We are either dwelling in the past, or looking forward to the future. There’s nothing wrong with that. It is, in fact, a normal state of mind, constantly moving, jumping from present to past, and to the future and back again. But it is in stillness we can experience clarity. So, if we want to be connected, which is the same as being present and being clear in the moment, we must stop searching, or moving.

So here it is.

Five Plus Senses Exercise

Sit straight in your chair looking in front of you.

What do you see? Notice the shapes, colors: is it light, or dark. What had caught your eye? Study closely that specific thing for 90 seconds. Observe every detail, don’t assume anything about it, just watch. Time yourself.

When time is up, choose a particular sound you can hear. Pay attention only to that sound for another 90 seconds. Listen with closed eyes, then listen with open eyes.

Then, for the next 90 seconds I want you to touch your face with your fingertips. What do you feel? Close your eyes for a better concentration. Study your features, feel the texture of your skin. Can you separate where the sensation is stronger, in your face or on your fingertips?

After that, take another 90 seconds to sit in silence and let yourself be. If you have feelings or thoughts coming, notice what they are. Don’t focus on anything in particular. Just be present with yourself.

Then think of something, some situation or a person, and take an account of feelings and thoughts you have about them. Stay present with your feelings. Notice any physical sensations; what is happening in your body? Stay with the feelings for 90 seconds.

And the last part of this exercise is to be present with yourself for another 90 seconds. Don’t try to figure anything out or go deep, or find anything. Just connect through sitting silently. Notice how you feel, what thoughts are running through your mind, how they pass, how you feel in your body.

With doing this exercise daily for seven or so days, you will notice how easy it will become for you to hold this state of clarity about the real world. What else is going to happen, is that you will start channeling some interesting ideas about the world, about people, especially the ones you made the center of your attention through your clarity practice. Of course, you will receive many insights about yourself and your purpose, which means you will know what to do, if that was ever a question.

Lira Kanaan, Producer, Impact and Influence Mentor

Lira Kay an author, life coach and a founder of She's Got Passion and the School of Inspired Life a training center for purpose-driven professionals to find information and inspiration to stay on their mission to create a meaningful change in the world. Every Wednesday Lira answers one question she 's been asked by a member of her audience around the globe. If you have a question, please, go to CONTACT and send Lira your question. She will create a post to answer it or will send you a personal answer in the email. Know, that your question will help many others to find clarity and motivation. We are all connected and your input is important. Thank you.

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