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Hi, My Name Is Lira Kay and I am an Author

Hi my name is Lira Kay and I am an author.

I am happy to introduce you my new book Now or Never or How to Get What You Want Every Time You Say 'I Wish'. The book does what it promises, teaches you how to fulfill your desires. I believe that to have desires is good and fulfilling them would define whether we can ever feel happy in our daily lives. I am against detachment from the pleasures this world, our beautiful world. I know in my heart you can have everything you wish for, and it is your responsibility to make it happen. I say no more, but I will invite you to read on the first few paragraphs from my 'Now or Never' book.

You can get your copy on Amazon today and also get a free PDF of the book on my website, that comes along with a super cool video training 4 part Deep-dive into personal transformation required to be absolutely fulfilled and happy.

So here it is, enjoy and leave me your feedback.

With all my love,


"I know, you are anticipating the process and anxious to begin your transformation into a powerful manifestor of love and success. I am super exited, too! And can I ask your permission to be straight with you? Say it as it is? Yes. Thank you.

The bottom line is you can’t have something for nothing. What a surprise!

So I will ask you a couple of questions before you start reading this book: What are you ready to give up to get what you want? What actions are you ready to take to be where you want to be?

My suggestion is:

1 Give up on the old mindset and unhelpful beliefs about yourself and the world,


2 Take a real step forward, not just by reading this book, but by doing all of the exercises I offer.

This book has exactly the same information that my personal clients get when they enroll on the coaching journey with me. They are doing the same exercises, using the same exact tools to get outstanding results in their personal and professional lives. I will weave in some examples of what they have achieved thanks to the program they went through and thanks to implementing the tools you are able to utilize with this book now!

Remember the secret is not to learn more but to implement fully what is in front of you.

I realize that one needs faith to begin this kind of work. I understand that it can be difficult for you to believe that you can do it, that you can transform your life, that you can transform your life by applying these very simple processes, that it is worth it, that your life is worth it.


Don’t worry, I will be reminding you about your value almost on every page of this book. I believe it’s THAT important.

If you take anything away from this book I want it to be this:




I invite you to simply begin your work and trust that the right mindset will follow, the change will become visible and that you will see your desired outcomes manifest into your reality so you can enjoy life and feel happy and fulfilled at last. Just go with it. Make it happen for you!

I will teach you everything you need to know about resetting your mindset and becoming a deliberate creator of your life.

If you do the exercises and continue your work, I will guarantee your success.

Chapter 1


Treat this book as a well thought through manual designed to take you from A to B.

A is where you are now and B is where you want to be -- fully in charge of your happiness; fulfilled and passionate about your own ability to create everything that is good for you.

I am an experienced coach, a psychotherapist and a spiritual transformation expert, and have been facilitating real time change in people’s lives for over twenty years. My own journey to happiness had been the most exciting and fulfilling adventure which I took seriously and have been and still living every single day of my life. I walk my talk.

Every exercise, every tool I give you in this book, has been tested, proven and is on the cutting edge of what the personal development industry has to offer. I use these tools all the time. My clients use these tools all the time. They work! There’s no fluff or watered-down content in this book.

In my life I always preferred mentors and teachers who are to the point. So, I guess, I adopted the ways to deliver the transformation to my clients in the same manner. When you coach with me in person you will notice the same thing. My sessions are sharp and fast-paced. I see myself as a catalyst of the real change that needs to happen for you immediately. I am certain you are ready to take it on and my job is to deliver to you all the missing pieces.

I believe everybody who is holding this book right now is fully qualified to begin their journey. I take your success personally. I know you are ready because I asked for it. And I know that you asked for it too.

As a Law of Attraction coach, and also somebody who enjoys being guided by her own higher self and her purpose, I don’t have any doubt in those who I get acquainted with personally or through the work I do that I am absolutely sure I will be of service. I can give you what you need.

I set my intention to receive attention of people who need what I have and I see evidence of those people coming to my door all the time.

I, of course, will teach you how to set a clear, focused intention so you can begin receiving anything you wish for, too. I will actually teach you even more than that.

  • I will teach you how to get out of your own way.

  • I will teach you how to deal with inner and outer obstacles,

  • I will teach you how to solve conflicts,

  • I will teach you how to overcome fears.

  • I will teach you how to how to reprogram yourself for success and for love.

I will give you the exact steps, exact processes you can use over and over to create the changes that need to happen within before you start manifesting the amazing outcomes any time you want to enjoy them.

At the end you will be fully equipped to manifest all you want into your physical reality.

And, as you want to enjoy your manifestations physically, in this visible reality, as you want to see and touch the real results of your inner efforts, you will, of course, take real visible, viable actions towards making all this good stuff happen for you.

You can’t have something for nothing. It’s a fact. In the metaphysical world they call it “energy exchange”. Value-for-value, give and receive pattern. Like a breath, in and out, it is an inevitable universal order. The good thing is I am showing you exactly what to give up and what to do and how to do it in this book so you are not spinning your wheels, sacrificing something that nobody needs or keeping busy with doing something that hadn’t been bringing results. I am excited! What about you? How are you feeling right now? Ready? Let’s go!

This book has four parts, each dedicated to a particular element of your transformation.

Part 1 introduces you to the system of Practical Creativity. It shows you the pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together in order for you to manifest all you want. It explains how metaphysical or spiritual work is tied up with physical reality, actions and desired outcomes and how the results you expect depend on your successful mindset and faith.

Part 2 gets close and personal with Dear Almighty God, the Universe and All There Is. I really explain how you can become a powerful creator, access the true source of abundance, and build up your faith in creating daily miracles, because you can. I use myself as an example of how spiritual work can translate into reality one can truly enjoy.

Part 3 sets you up for taking inspired action. You will learn how to stop procrastinating and do what needs to be done for you to succeed. Time management and productivity tools are just one small part of this chapter. You will have so much fun implementing!

Part 4 is all about the mindset. I give you concrete tools to reprogram yourself for love and success. This step-by-step process will absolutely transform the way you feel and think about life. And, let’s face it, your attitude so far has been a part of your problem. Spend most of your efforts on getting your mindset right and you will see your reality change for better big time.

Wow! That was good. So open your notebook or the workbook you’ve got, and let your adventure begin!"

and so on...

If you want to know how to get what you want every time you say "I wish", go to get your copy on Amazon today and also get a free PDF of the book on my website.

Can't wait to hear your feedback!

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