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How to Get What You Want Every Time You Say I Wish Video. Intro

Through working with hundreds of people who tried to use Law of Attraction tools to get what they want, I noticed that there is something needed to be done before they could become these great manifestors. It's all too easy to say, keep positive, focused and take the right action. In reality, most people lack clarity in what they want, have too much stuff going on in their daily life to be able to stay upbeat all the time, and are scared to take a breath, and, instead of spinning their wheels working hard, start enjoying their life. And everybody knows, enjoying your life will get you what you want, it will actually make you happy, which is the bottom line of everything you do.

In this video I explain exactly what you can do to fulfill your personal, special desires. My clients get outstanding results applying this method. Yes, it takes some effort, but I do hope you know, you can't have something for nothing. I'll be teaching you what is it you need to let go of and what is it you need to do, that would guarantee you to be in charge of your happiness.

Lira Kanaan

Video 1 introduces you to the Practical Creativity System TM, and shows you the pieces of the puzzle that need to be put together in order for you to manifest all you want. It explains how metaphysical or spiritual work is tide up with physical reality, actions and desired outcomes, and how the results you expect, depend on the successful mindset and faith.

Know Yourself

Love Yourself

Heal Yourself

Express Yourself

are the four major modules I offer my clients to bring them to be in control of their thoughts, emotions and actions. Being in control is essential for creating the kind of energy you want to attract from.

Enjoy the video and come to to get your free tools for manifesting properly.

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