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How to Take Control Over Your Life

Another wonderful TED Talk featuring the Patti Dobrowolski.

This process of drawing your future I sue with my clients on the very first session they have with me. I always explain how important it is not only to KNOW where they want to be. But also SEE what it looks like, and FEEL it too. Making a physical drawing of your dreams, using colors and thinking about the big bold steps to get you there, is extremely inspiring. It adds clarity, focus and motivation to take the most needed action immediately.

I hope this video will inspire you to take action today, start your own process, reaching outside of your comfort zone, improve the relationships you already have, connect with people, who can move your forward, start living your life with purpose, using your own work as a place where you can express yourself fully.

I am inviting you to reach out to me. I am a coach, a professional, who's mission is to teach people ready for a change to embrace that change, help them to take the necessary steps, so they can keep up with their dreams and make them a reality. I would like to celebrate you success with you. I know you can have it. Let me help you to start living it.

Lira Kanaan

Contact me here for your complimentary Discovery Call. I'll be waiting. Talk with you soon.

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