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Can You Transform Your Life in One Year?

Hi dear,

I know I promised you another video, but with my kids and hubby home this week I couldn't find a quiet spot to make a recording. So just this post this time.

In a context of family relationships I promised to share with you my own story of transformation.

I am reluctant to just share a family story, especially as one the things I teach about family relationships is letting go of your story, story you something keep telling yourself at your sleepless night therapy sessions (meaning musing over and over about who said what, why, and how else you could have phrased it, BTW totally pointless exercise).

So the story of my family relationships transformation began, again, as this is of course, not my first attempt to be happier within my own family, a couple of years ago. My family and I, 7 people all together, just moved to CA, right across the country, to live even a more amazing dream life.

We, at least, some of us, felt inspired, relieved, and full of new hopes, lots of energy to start new projects and thrive fast speed.

And we kinda did. But not all of us at once, and certainly not at the same speed, or with the same thriving enthusiasm. Some of us are still recovering from this big change we took and in the aftermath of my present situation I ask myself, was it really worth it?

My answer is yes!. And I tell you why.

What really happened, what this move really uncovered was a lot of undercurrent issues we never bothered to look at. The past traumas… the past… the past, all together so complicated and so painful at times, kind of kept its head down and as the physical grounds had been shaken, literary, we did experience a little earthquake right after our spontaneous arrival to the golden hills of San Fransisco, but also having to part with everything we made so familiar in the past few years, the friends, the schools, the work we did, this temporarily forsaken past had peaked its head up, like a dragon, and stared us all in the face.

If you want to now what kind of past I am referring to here, go on a read my blog entry called; 'Second Chance Cinderella', I get tearful when I have to speak of it again, so I won’t here. Just trust me, on that. Some of the traumatic issues we (or rather, I) should have dealt with at least a decade ago), doomed all we hoped for and started already to see to come to fruition. I felt like riding an emotional roller coster, with not a peaceful day on a horizon.

Sad, really, for someone like me, a therapist, a psychologist, not yet a coach, but really a known speaker and a teacher of great living, spirituality and the whole beautiful life…

I felt defeated, ashamed, useless, for a while, not that long, only because I had been there, hitting the rock bottom, and I knew, absolutely, knew I would and I can do anything to be happy again.

So entered a coaching school, desperate to find answers to my own relationships problems, I remembered how disciplined and dedicated I can be and I created a system for myself, a strategy, really. I thought, I first will do assessment of what I have, who I am right now. On the replay of the 2016 planning session this is the first exercise we are doing, and then I started working bit by bit on each area of my life brining it to the point that I am happy with. I am an ambitious person, so nothing less than great would do for me. So I had to work hard and fast, as my family members were desperate, too, to experience some kind of normality on an everyday basis. All together we did it.

Took as at least a year to deal with the mess of the past and another year to pick up from where we were.

Lira Kay

Sometimes in ones’s life, it is OK to see things for what they are, and other times, one absolutely NEED to work against the current reality to breakthrough what they live. For all of us it was the time of facing the monsters and demons we hid safely for so many years.

The Focus Year I wrote out for myself is an intensive program. My calendar was filled up with daily routines, assignments I had to complete, the lessens I had to learn, and mostly the action I had to take. Daily.

That is the point. Focus. And sort this shit out.

Focus, and keep at it.

My focus year.

I started my coaching practice, most of my clients had done the exercises I applied to myself. The shifts they made and are still making because they had payed that attention, did the work, are outstanding. “I feel like I’m born again”, I can’t believe I can feel this way, I am actually happy, I am relieved, knowing there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and so on and so on… The emails, the letters I get from my clients telling me about the REAL changes that had manifested through the Focus Year method, are keep coming in.

So this year, I took its next step, and instead of offering separate bit and pieces, some on relationships, some on love, some of money mindset, and so on, I decided to put it all together, and give you an experience just the one that I had, a real 12-month experience of making the most needed change… In EVERY area of your life.

Because you deserve it.

And I feel and know I can give it you.

In my next video I will give you a teaser about the ways you can start experiencing changes in your own life through applying the Focus Year method. It's a lot of fun!

Talk tomorrow, and save a spot for our call on Saturday, Jan 9, 12 pm, noon (PTD) Californian time.

Talk with you soon,


Lira Kanaan

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