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I Want to Hire a Coach and This is Why. Video Series, Part 6

Learn how coaching can transform your life, your career and your relationships. This 8-part video course is for people who contemplate working with a coach and want to know how coaching works. Enjoy part 6 of the series. Here I talk about how the magic of your transformation affects everything around you. Did you know that through loving yourself you can become a better partner for your spouse, or get a promotion, or have more fun dating? Did you know that through healing your inner child you are can become a better leader of your team? Did you know that having dealt with your hidden agendas you are more prompt to stop procrastinating and doing the right thing instead of keeping busy just in case? Working with a coach truly frees up your time and resources. Do you want to push hard or pool in the opportunities into your life? Watch the video and if you feel interested, contact me here.

Lira Kanaan


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