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Changing a Habit Might Save your Marriage, Advance your Career and Heal your Body. How?

Watch an amazing Dr. Marilyn Atkinson talk about changing habits and our capacity to transform whatever we put our mind into. She is telling us a story of Milton Erickson, one of my favorite Master Teachers and a grandfather of coaching, and the power of visualization he used to walk again. I learned Ericksonian Method in college, back in my psychotherapy training days, and I can truly say, this is one of the most impactful and straight forward ways to change one's life for better.

I invite you to think right now what would be the one habit you have that is holding you back? Could it be trying to prove yourself always right in a relationship? Could it be constantly working on a project, keeping yourself busy as a way of escaping a deep sadness or confusion within? Could it be a food or caffein addiction to avoid unvoiced feelings? What if you knew the way to break that habit? How would you feel?

After watching this video you would know that one of the ways to break that habit is to imply a new, productive habit.

So the exercise number one for you today is to IMAGINE yourself feeling the way you would if you broke that old habit and also imagining yourself taking a some sort of action, doing something, preferably in motion.

For example, just listening to somebody's opinion and then smiling and saying, "that was interesting". Or another image for you to hold, when it's time for you to finish work you see yourself turn off your gadgets and having fun with your friends or family, being present and enjoying yourself. And what would you do, what you can imagine yourself doing next time the big emotions are coming up instead of going to the fridge?

If you do want help with managing your emotions or changing the most destructive habits, coaching is the best way to progress fast and make the change a long-lasting one.

Lira Kanaan

Have a great day!


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