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Serendipity in a Creative Process

As I am settling to writing my next book I prepare myself by gathering my Master Teachers around me. I let them be within my mental, emotional and spiritual reality, let them guide me, advise me and inspire me. I am listening to my favorite people, reading their books and watching them on u-tube. I am noticing how the great information is flowing my way and I want to make a point for anyone managing a creative project right now.

Lira Kanaan

It can be difficult sometimes to feel supported and inspired continuously within your own habitat, surrounded by the people you know and who know you, your friends and family. Why is it? Because they know you the way you were, and a true creative process takes you into the unknown, somewhere where you become different, something else. Sometimes this something esle can be threatening the old ways of existence, can be uncomfortable to others, can be, in fact, unacceptable.

So what I do normally, absolutely believing and knowing the importance of inspiration, I create my own team of Master Teachers and Spiritual Peers. Just like I described, I meet them in the virtual and spiritual space and connect with each of them, having a question or request in mind. I seem to always hear the answer. I think, it's because I am certain in my own ability to accept help, because I allow the help come in.

If you are in the middle of a big project and feel stuck, I invite you to reach out to your special Master Teacher, a person, who is highly qualified to guide you, and it doesn't matter if this Master Teacher is alive or had lived many hundreds years ago, and ask you question, and then wait for the right book, a video or else come your way. You'll be surprised how quickly you can get unstuck with all the help that is out there for you.

Let me know who are your favorite Master Teachers. I would love to know.

One of mine as you see in a video above is Amy Tan an amazing author and a woman of many talents. Thank you Amy for being here for me.

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