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How to Read Your Dreams

Everyone at least once in their lifetime would remember a remarkable dream that made them think twice about the situation they were living. They might have asked themselves: What does it mean? Does it mean anything at all? Is it a sacred message or just the leftovers of the day being processed and spat out by my mind? Depending on our upbringing and desperation for some sort of advice we either dismiss the whole thing or seek understanding, decode, translate or analyze our peculiar visions. Some people like opening the dream book, written by Jung or other analysts, others try to remember what their grandma had to say about it, and some go to psychics and fortunetellers to reveal the truth hidden behind the rapid movement of the eye in the middle of the night. The good news is that all of it is an all right thing to do.

Why? Because at the end of the day you will hear what you need to hear. And if you missed the whole thing, I mean, didn't pay attention, it's okay too, as what's important will show up in some other form. In one of my earlier posts I mentioned the 'Burning Bush' effect. You can revive the phenomena here.

My recommendation is, listen to your dreams, as they are messages from your psyche, from yourself to yourself, coming to you at the right time.

According to C.G. Jung psyche finds its ways to communicate and let us know what we need to know about ourselves. Dreams are the kindest and most gentle ways we can feel connected and informed about our inner life. It is much nicer to have the nightmare than live the nightmare. Honestly, how many of us have a disturbing dream, or reassuring dream, and change the course of our actions? Many more than you think. People are naturally intuitive and feel better being connected rather than disconnected with themselves.

Lira Kanaan

As an experiment I would like to invite you to keep a dream diary for this next month. This is something I do with my private clients. What happens when you start writing down your dreams daily is something quite interesting: you become less anxious, more content, feel energized and uplifted. It is a direct result of giving your inner-self the most needed attention. Your psyche, just like your body needs acknowledgement and nurturing. The more you give to it, the more it responds and helps you to live your daily life. I will talk in detail about 'befriending your ego/psyche/mind' in my next post , but for now, I will just say, that acknowledgement can create wanders and make a huge difference in how you feel generally during your day. Writing down your dream every morning is a great routine to signal yourself, you are making effort, you want to be connected, you are open to listen. All of it adds to your all together well being.

Here is the little process to help you keep the dream diary:

1. Tell yourself before going to sleep "I will remember my dream' three times and be certain you will.

2. Have a notebook and a pen next to your bed.

3. Write down your dream before you do anything.

Now, one thing to know about keeping a dream diary, is that there's no need to interpret everything you see. What you're doing is really very simple: you are paying attention to yourself, you are acknowledging what is happening inside you. That's it. At the end of the day, this is exactly what's going to make you feel better, happier and more centered in your life.

Another thing, don't panic if you normally don't remember your dreams. Just be patient with yourself. Keep writing how you feel on your awakening. Write down some flashbacks, bits of information, associations, something you think you might have seen. Typically after 3-4 days people start seeing and remembering more.

And one last thing, if you have the urge to interpret your dreams, but don't have time to research the books, or go to psychoanalyst, have a rule of thumb: everything and everybody you see in your dream belongs to you. It is you. So there's no need to bother other people or warn them in any ways, your dreams are never about them, but are always about how you feel about yourself, the situation and your life in general. For example, if you see your 4-year-old son in your dream being lost and you are searching for him, it is really about your inner child wanting to be found. If you see your spouse cheating, ask yourself, what do I compromise in my life, that makes me feel out of integrity? If you see a happy cat laying on the sun, good for you, there's a part of you, a nice deep primal part of you, that feels relaxed and in peace.

If you want to talk with me farther about your dream experiences, contact me here and let's talk. My speciality is to show my clients how connecting with oneself leads to fulfillment, peace and boost of energy and all together successful living.

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