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If There Is Nothing What Am I to Be?

Lira Kanaan

If there is nothing

nothing at all

what is my life,

who am I,

and What am I to be?

If there's nothing

and nothing at all

your life is worthy of you.

You are conscious

and you can be what you want,

what you imagine

and what you percieve.

You can be nothing and everything,

a center and a particle,

the whole Universe

or the miniscule cell of the emptiness.

You can be awake

have a name,

have a heart,

feel, walk, affect,

create a reaction.

You can participate in living

or participate in being,

or refuse to participate

and just

exist unjust,

free of any underlying concepts

be in itself a question.

All of it is good,

somewhat neutrally good,

and as meaningful as the words and actions

we attach to understanding of life.

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