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Thinking vs Knowing Who You Are

So you reflect on the meaning of life and who you are in this world, and let's say you discover that you are a part of unlimited abundance, you are the source of your own happiness, of your own content. You learn that all you need you already contain and posses. You start thinking about yourself in an empowering way. And I will, just like this archetypal character from the Matrix movie tell you: "Don't think you are, KNOW you are."

Lira Kanaan

As your coach I will insist you start believing in yourself. Making sure you KNOW YOU ARE THE ONE is my job. When you become your empowered self, your higher purposeful self anything would be possible for you, you would become a deliberate creator of your reality.

By the way, did you notice how Trinity looked at him? Gosh, when you KNOW you are, they all would.

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