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How to Become Magnetic to What You Want

Lira Kanaan

It is a two step process:

First you need to find the essence of what you want.

Ask yourself this question: How do I want to feel once I received that thing I want?

Second step, you need to cultivate that exact feeling, basically, feel it right now. The more you feel it, the more you are attracting it.

So here is how to approach it.

Step number one is easy if you know exactly what you want. And I had given you a process for that in the previous post. Just imagine yourself having it already: how do you feel?

Now, step number two needs a little effort on your behalf. There are many ways to recreate the feeling you want to experience.

One is exactly that: re-create. Try to remember when was the last time you experienced it.

For example, if you are looking to find your soulmate, in your imagination go back to your first love experience (only if it was positive, of course), and attune yourself to feel the same way: butterflies in the stomach, excitement, euphoria, daydreaming…This sounds kind of dangerous, but here we are, being in love….

Another way is to visualize yourself being in the situation that you want to experience.

For example, your desire is to have a promotion. Great. Be like an athlete before the game, close your eyes and see yourself win. Imagine your boss shaking your hand and showing you your new office. Feel the feelings you would be feeling, like being proud of yourself, respected, appreciated, so on.

Repeat your visualization frequently to connect with that feeling as much as you can.

Another way is to start noticing when and how you feel. Then come to a logical conclusion: do more of the things that make you feel the way you want.

For example, your desire is to have financial freedom. So the feeling you are looking for is freedom. Ok, you’ll say, how can I feel free when I have to pay my bills tomorrow and I don’t know how. Well, that’s the point, feeling overwhelmed about your bills will only prevent you from taking the most needed action to take advantage of the right opportunities. Can you agree with that?

So the good thing would be to go…dancing… or walking… Whatever makes you feel free, open, generous, grateful. Your goal is to put yourself in a good mood, so you’ll stop sulking and would do what it takes.

Does it makes sense?

Lira Kay

So here you have it, three ways you can start to cultivate the essence of your desire, the feeling you want to experience, today. Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment.

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