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What Self Love has to do with Manifesting

The answer is everything!

One can not begin deliberately manifesting unless one wants to be happy.

I know, it sounds obvious, don't we all just want to be happy? Well, we do and then we don't. We kind of drift between a common sense and parental and social programming. That doesn't mean our parents were bad or our society sucks, it only means it is not always easy for us to accept all the good stuff unconditionally. We were told that hard work and drama would get us closer to what we really want. So now you see how unconditional self love is important and also why we would resist it. It just goes against our conditioned psyche. It is too easy. Too happy. Too fast.

Now for these next 30 days I propose to forget what you were taught and jump into exercising unconditional self love. Only to try it out. See how it goes. Allow yourself to let go of conditions, idea of how it all needs to be, and just relax into your dream.

Really, relax into your dream, knowing you deserve it becasue you were born. No strings attached.

Can you do it?

If you find relaxing into your dream a real task, and I won't blame you, most of us do, try out the Self Acceptance guided meditation I created for my clients. It is free and you'll find it here. Enjoy manifesting from a loving inner space. Learn to accept the gifts of the universe.

Talk with you soon,

Love and unconditional acceptance,


Lira Kanaan

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