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How to Set an Intention Effectively

Now we've all heard about the importance of setting an intention. The biggest mistake people make when they try to manifest is to set an intention they think they have to have, something everybody else wants, or that is everybody else’s desire.

Believe me, almost always what happiness for you is not the same as happiness for the woman next-door. It just isn’t.

The Universe will respond to your own true desire, but how do you establish what this desire is?

By doing this easy Abraham Hicks process called Clarity through Contrast.

On one side of the paper write down things you don’t want, and on the other write what you do want. I'll explain why it is effective in a minute.

Here's an example.

So what does it do? It actually goes to the core of your mental and emotional reality. If you find yourself thinking I hate this and I hate that, I’d rather have this and that.. your message to the universe is pretty messy. You’ve put as much energy into dreading what you don’t want, as desiring what you do want. And, as you know, you attract what you focus on (not what you say you want).

So, as you dread all of those negative things anyway, acknowledge them and take a next, very simple step:

flip what you don’t want to have, to feel, to experience, into what you do want to have, to feel, and to experience.

It is important, because our special ‘contrast’ is really a message to ourselves (not the woman nextdoor): change your stream of thoughts/focus/behavior towards your real desire.

The Law of Polarity (yes, there is more than one law working in the universe) states:

there are always two sides to all things, emotions and energies. If you are focused on one side you can not reach the other side.

So when you are focusing on what you don’t want you are farther away from that opposite side. However your true desire lays right within that polarity.

What you want instead of your ‘contrast’ will actually have the weight and the power to start things moving for you. It will be mentally and emotionally charged, it will be deeply authentic to you, and clear to attract the magical help you are longing for.

So, do the Clarity Through Contrast exercise and define your true desire. Once you do that, write your true desire on the piece of paper or your manifesting book, if you have one, and prepare to magnetize yourself to become super attractive to receiving it.

I will, of course, teach you exactly how to magnetize yourself in my next post :-)



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