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How to Jump-start a Good Life

My daughter (the first out of five) turned 18 another day. She always have dreamed of being independent and successful. I fully support her in being so. As a mom I, of course, worry and feel like jumping in and teaching her all the important things before she flees the nest. It seems like there's never enough time to give her all, I think, she needs on her journey. The truth is, she does actually possess all of the wisdom and everything she needs to know, have or be to be happy and successful in her life. So after realizing that, I thought, what would make me happy? What would have made me happy when I was 18 and ready to go solo? I instantly knew the answer (also because, I did actually take the same advice I am ready to give now to my daughter from my own father, and it changed my life, literary and profoundly. So I can stand by it. It works.

So my advice to my daughter is develop good habits.

Start with taking those three simple steps and advance from there.

When I wrote this advice down, I really liked it. I decided I will revisit this Good Life routine and commit to doing it myself for 40 days.

Would you like to try this out and jump-start your Good Life?

Say YES and have fun with it.

Please, share what you have created as a result of following this simple routine in the comments.

1. Ask (the Universe) for a Master Teacher (an Inner Wisdom Guide, who, in fact, can manifest itself through many inspiring and supportive people in your life. And even the unsupportive ones would actually be your master teachers, too, if you can manage to see it). Recognize when he/she shows up and fully benefit from his/her presence, grow, expand, advance.

2. Meditate daily with an intention to connect with your higher self (instead of communicating with your ego, your story or your doubts)

How to check if you are intact communicating with your higher self /soul?

by examining what you feel: if you feel calm, confident, trusting, loving this is it.

if you have rushing thoughts, head-talk or feeling down - that is not it.

Steps to mediation:

1 listen to your breath

2 be curious about silence

3 make it a habit (same place, same time, daily)

Even if you meditate for 3 min a day you get the benefits of your higher self being involved in your visible life.

After 3 weeks of mediating in silence you can begin with:

setting an intention (what do you want to happen/create/feel),

prayer (ask for things to happen, adding “for my higher good” to get better results than you can see yourself having)

gratitude (expand your success by staying in the zone of gratitude - the longer you exercise gratitude, which is a good/the best vibration, the faster you attract more of the good you are grateful for)

  • start with seeing good in every situation you live

  • advance by being grateful for all you want to have, even if you don’t have it yet: this is really an advanced technique to manifest/bring it into your life

The easiest way to exercise gratitude is to write a gratitude journal, you can start with writing 10 things you are grateful for (for today). When I started out I wrote about 100 daily for 40 days - it really makes the difference and is much easier than anyone thinks)

3. Have faith no matter what you see in front of you. Use this affirmation: read 3 times a day.

I am in a process of attracting and allowing all that I need to do, know, and have to attract my ideal life, the Universe is unfolding and orchestrating everything around me right now to bring me what I love.

I love having fun

I love feeling good, satisfied and confident

I love being paid really well and having fun with a lot of money in my bank accounts, draws, wallet and pockets

I love feeling loved and cared for

I love being generous with my love, time and attention with my family

I love having great time being healthy, energetic and productive and also feeling well rested, confident and assured

I love living with purpose, creating positive difference in people’s lives, inspiring them to be the best they can be and fulfill their potential, just like I do

I love creating, manifesting, magnetizing all I want and much more for my highest good and for the highest good of everyone involved

I love living my life fully as being myself, congruent, honest and passionate

I love feeling important and useful

I love feeling understood and be fully expressed, with clarity and enthusiasm for life

I love being on time and at the right place connecting the right people and situations and gaining emotional and fanatical profits and benefits, having plenty of beautifully orchestrated opportunities for growing, expanding and loving life more and more

I love feeling freedom, real freedom to do what I want, to travel, to speak, to impact, to create, to realize my potential, to have fun with my talents and skills, and be rewarded and encouraged in the process

I love feeling inspired and supported by really powerful and wise mentors and partners

I love feeling motivated to achieve more for my higher good and a higher good of everyone I am affecting and can affect

I love feeling successful, proud of myself, I did it!

I love luxury and being treated and taken care of in style, exactly how I want it, with class, charm, calm significance and respect

I love beauty inside me and all around me

I love ocean and mountains, and lush majestic landscapes, the peace and power that nature brings

I love reflecting and feeling safe and trusting with myself, guided and supported fully, unconditionally and always, even if I don’t see it or know it immediately

I love being appreciated and praised and simply loved for who I am and what I do or don’t do

I love feeling strong and powerful, confident and successful

I love being feminine and sexy and playful, feeling attractive and magnetic to love, fun and connection

I love being in touch with myself on every given moment, inspired and curious about myself and my abilities to grow and create

I love feeling beautiful and connected with god, nature and the beloved universe

I love enjoying my spirituality and physicality of my soul life

I love being the universe that I am, self sustaining, powerfully creative and a positive source of abundance and love for myself and for all

I am love, in love and about love

I love




I am in a process of attracting and allowing all that I need to do, know, and have to attract my ideal life, the Universe is unfolding and orchestrating everything around me right now to bring me what I love.

Continue with the list when you feel like it, adding more and more things you love to do, have and be. Read three times per day to reinforce your mind and align with what you want and love to create it faster and easier.

Let me know how it goes for you in the comments below.

Lira Kanaan

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