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Spiritual Awakening and Personal Transformation Through Crisis

This was the name of my dissertation early on in my days at college. Though I was fascinated by human psychology I found that the real answers to what is happening in our life are just a little farther than that. So, like my favorite master teacher C.G. Jung, I looked beyond neuroscience and cognitive and behavioral psychology, and found much more sense in defining a human being as a whole, not just as a physical body and its psyche, but also as a spirit and a soul. C.G. Jung called those aspects of us, Animus and Anima, spiritual and soulful representations of the collective subconsciousness, also known as part of the Divine Eternal Force or a Source . Logically I saw how what is happening in our lives reflects what is at the core of our whole being, which leads us to seeing our higher purpose and walking actively our spiritual path.

So simply put, it all happened for a reason.

As I recall in his wonderful book “Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Sky”, published in 1979, Jung had described a miracle of UFO. He asked, how come it is the people who are the most skeptical would be witnessing the ‘burning bush’ or any other such equivalent of a miracle. He said, people who are most disconnected from themselves, from their core, had left their core (or a Soul/Spirit) no choice as to show up in a real physical form. According to Jung those people needed a wake up call. And traditionally those people would become the most devoted followers of their spirit after that miraculous experience. Now they had seen it, they had touched it, now they cannot deny the presence of the higher forces, the Source, God, the Universe, the Divine.

After researching how people live through a crisis, whichever crisis that might be, a personal or simply an age crisis, such as teen crisis, or 40-year crisis, menopause for women, I’ve noticed that in a way reaction we have to it is very similar to the ‘burning bush’ experience.

First we see it, then we transform.

So what exactly are we witnesses to?

For example a woman going through divorce is obviously experiencing a crisis. It is happening on all levels, personal, financial, emotional, so on. She is forced to re-examine her beliefs about herself, about her life, about life all together. She is transforming, she becomes something she hadn’t been before.

I want to add, she is becoming something she hadn’t known about herself before. She is getting acquainted with her own soul, she is discovering the power of her own spirit.

Was it there before her crisis? Of course, it was. But was she connected to it? Living from it? Was she devoted to it? Perhaps, not.

Does it mean that spiritual people would not have crisis in their lives? Gosh, that would be nice? No, not really. They would take crisis as a message to move forward, as a permission, a signal to taking their next big step in life. They really use the moment, so to speak, to jump the level, grow rapidly, live from a deeper and more purposeful perspective.

Does it mean we have to welcome crisis into our lives, as we naturally want to grow, develop, evolve?

No, not really. Understanding your spiritual path is not about brining on drama into your life. Drama is a kind of distraction, a false alarm, in a context of your soul signaling you to wake up. It is until you realize your have that spiritual and soulful core, your Divine self, the psychological, and in many cases physical, drama or discontent would continue. The bush would keep burning.

Instead, what we can do, is to welcome our own transformation before that crisis appears. Kind of go with what your soul wants you to do, start practicing that connection with your higher self. Through that practice your communication would become more clear and focused. You would be guided and living your true worth. And your worth is priceless, it is Divinely wast and eternal.

So what to do if you are already in crisis, perhaps, grieving, or going through separation with your loved ones, from your man, children as they are fleeing the nest, from yourself as you age and change? What to do if you are witnessing and experiencing the overwhelm of life big time? If you are way out of your comfort zone, you are loosing all you knew about life, you are taken away the solid ground from under your feet? How can you come to peace with it?

I mentioned peace because women (and men) often ask for peace when they are overwhelmed with what life presents them with. Well, the key is not to look for the peace, but to look for your soul and spirit. Now is the perfect time to get in touch and listen and start trusting yourself. Yourself, meaning not your mind or even your beautifully emotional heart, but your higher self. Ask yourself those three questions.

1 What am I?

2 What am I learning right now? What is the message from my soul that I have to accept?

3 Where can it take me?

What am I? This question is not about your story, what you know already about yourself. It is about what you have yet to discover. Be open to seeing yourself clearly. This question is asked not of your friends, your ex, people who care or not care about you. This question is asked of you. Find three powerful words that touch your core, your soul. When you find them you will feel an immediate relief and boost of energy, because your soul at last was heard.

What is my lesson in life? What am I learning right now? I know from experience of working with women in crisis, the tendency is to say something like, “I had learned I cannot trust anybody/men in my life… That I am worthless, or dumb for opening up.. Or that love doesn’t exist..” Well, I can assure you, that wasn’t your Divine message. This is the frustration and anger talking. It’s ok. You are allowed to have anger and frustration. You are a human being. You have emotions and you create thoughts and come to conclusions. It is OK, this is what we do. Interestingly enough, this could be your message.

Yes, you’ll be surprised how many women live with an illusion that they somehow have to be perfect. So, perhaps, for many of us crisis is about giving up on their perfection.

For some of us it can be about loosing control. I know, all of you would agree, it is really confusing to one day find yourself swift by strong emotions you cannot hold in any longer. So that is exactly that, the message, live yourself as you, with you feelings, with your unique way of experiencing life. And that brings us to the next question.

Where can it take me? Do you want to change? You’ve got your message, and now where do you want to go from there? Where do you want to go?

Working as a coach I see women making decisions to turn their lives around. I salute those women. It’s like they had understood their core calling. In fact, if they didn’t, the ‘burning bush’ would appear to them again and again, until they get it. Actually many of them had disturbing things happen in their life many times in a row. Perhaps, they were the relationships with unavailable men, or series of jobs that drained their soul. In any case, life had given them serial opportunities to change.

And change is good. Scary, but good.

So if I am in touch with my soul and living my ‘calling’ will I experience the crisis? Absolutely. We are the Divine beings, we are constantly expanding and growing. Whenever we are ready to move to the next level of living, loving and serving, we will be confronted with our current reality. That reality would look like something we would want to change. Then your crisis would be not about loosing control, or your dream of perfection, but, perhaps, you’ll have a question about your creative powers, or how much you can do for other people, for how many people? It could be about giving and loving at a bigger capacity. The possibilities are endless. Your growth continues just as your soul is looking for the ways to shine brighter and clearer, exited and eager to be part of your conscious life.

Lira Kanaan

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