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Why Respect Your Nature?

Inspiring? Scary?

What do you think of it?

The Mother Nature doesn't need you. But you need Mother Nature.

I congratulate you if you see the bigger picture, if you know what part you are playing in this Universe, if you are aware of your purpose.

It can take a lifetime to define your identity, to own what you claim to be. It can take just a moment, a one single moment, to realize, you are a part of Nature, and like Nature itself you are majestic, powerful and independent in your presence. You can stand alone, free of any comparison and criticism, imperfect, yet mesmerizing and significant in your beauty.

One of the ways to embrace yourself as a part of Nature is to take a walk. Yes, simple, but true: go on the walk today to get in touch with your power. When you pass the familiar streets, and reach the green or white of the ground, depending on the season, smell and taste the air, acknowledge the trees and the little bushes around you, start noticing rocks, may be some water in form of puddles or rivers, you'll be just so much closer to being who you really are. Your purpose will be just living, just being, with no questions, no additional proof asked of you. Remember, Nature doesn't need, nature just IS.

Comment bellow and share with us the moments you felt a part of Nature, when you didn't need anything or anybody to approve you, when you stood alone and completely fulfilled and purposeful. I would love to know how that moment impacted you, what did it change inside you and what action it inspired.

Lira Kay

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