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How can I create an invitation to LOVE?

So, you think love can be invited? We are on the same page. Yes, absolutely! Love attraction, becoming magnetic to love is something pretty real. Watch this video and feel inspired to create your own 'kinetic sculpture' so to speak. Get inspired to create your own vortex of energy that reads an invitation, an invitation to love.

We all are born creators. We just can't help it. Every moment of your life you send out signals and invitations to what you want to experience, and you get to see the results almost immediately. Look around, take a test, what is it you see, what is it you feel? The answer is always the same - you feel exactly what you are. You see what only you can see, and you embrace what you are ready to embrace.

Through my work I get to see women transform the way they acknowlege themselves, their world and what they can do in that world. I see them in a process of becoming empowered. It always starts with one most important thing: they have to accept that they, in fact, ARE the creators. First comes the understanding, then acceptance. Then all of them go through a moment of forgiveness. Yes, it is necessary to forgive, forgive yourself for all the imperfections, mistakes and doubts, that, perhaps, had lost you your precious time, happiness and everything in between. The good thing is, it always takes just a moment, one glorious moment of realization: I can be loved just as I am, I am good enough, just enough as I am right now. It's a big deal to start feeling this way about yourself, because it is this feeling that will open you up to accepting your own POWER. I love calling this power magical. This is just me :-) Those guys in the video, of course, have all that science behind it. And they are right, too.

So, here is the answer to your question: How can I create an invitation to LOVE?

Through addressing all of the elements of your question.

Who is I? Work out who do you want yourself to be. My tip to you is, don't sweat about who you were, or where are you going. Focus on now. And my next tip to you is, if you want to succeed in inviting love, please, do yourself a favor, and decide to be A WOMAN IN LOVE.

Create. Yes, indeed, start CREATING. What is creating? It is kind of making something out of nothing. So it wasn't there, and now it is. So that is your challenge. That is your dare. One of the ways to start creating is to switch on your imagination. Take your challenge playfully. Think this way: today I am creating, tomorrow I might be contemplating, day after tomorrow I may decide to connect... so on. The possibilities are endless, the amount of games for your to play can last you forever. So CHOOSE to CREATE.

An Invitation. Let's look into that. The opposite of invitation is repulsion. So that is easy: eliminate from your energetic vocabulary all things repulsive to love, like doubts, criticism, fear, anger, so on. And start working on your invitation, your style. Like those sculpture engineers in the video, work out the strategy for yourself. What am I going to do every day to be INVITING to LOVE? Make a list and start implementing.

Love. Yes, you do have to do that: you have to actually define love for yourself. What's in it for you? I am not joking. What you presume is love is not the same for everyone. All of us are different. Love feels and is recognized in all sorts of shapes and forms. You'll be surprised, what some of us expect Love to do for them. All of it is good, all of it is absolutely fine. But find your definition and go for the LOVE YOU WANT.

At the end, just like in this video you will create magic. Those other women would look at you amazed, how did she do that? And only you will know. You will know the elements, seemingly random, but nevertheless, crucial to bring together, to create your attraction, to experience the love that you had invited.

Tell me about your experience in the comments bellow. What is LOVE for you? Did you get on with your plan, your personal invitation? Is it easy for you to stay in a zone and see yourself as a Woman in Love? Let me know and keep those awesome questions coming. I am here to help you!

Lira Kanaan

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