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Don't Give up What Matters to You!

Lira Kay

The biggest mistake women, looking for a big change, are making, is to compromise their core values and their idea of a perfect future. The scarce mentality they were brought up with and their past mistakes push them to settle for the second best or abandon they "having it all" dream all together. They take advice from their friends, their parents, who, perhaps, themselves had 'lost it' on the way. They spin the wheels of conventional path, and, conventionally, they keep it small.

But just like me, you can refuse to live in fear, give away your responsibility and, consequently, your power, and re-create your life the way it meant to be, free, passionately joyful, full of magic and love.

Looking back I can say, I am grateful to have recognized my waking call. I am in awe of what a woman can do, given determination, conviction, and the right answers to her questions.

The very first thing I do with my clients, I ask them to make a decision to be 100% committed to themselves.

Most of us don't know that we are our best bet, worthy of unshakable loyalty, unconditional trust and the most passionate love.

Once you bring the focus on yourself, instead of trying to change the world and people around you, you will free up so much valuable energy, which is all going to be available to you, and whomever you decide to share it with. If you won't do anything, just take charge of your future. You deserve it!

Lira Kanaan

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