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Discover your Alpha Shadow Archetype

This work is not for the faint of heart.
Be warned - Your White Shadow is POWERFUL beyond measure. 

Read about your Alpha Shadow Archetype and watch a workshop bellow - where I coach powerful creative entrepreneurs to embrace their potential and stop self-sabotage. 

Reach out if you want more info about my work here. 



Hi, I'm Lira and I specialize in creating deeply cathartic psychological experiences and methodologies leading to spiritual enlightenment, confidence and inner peace. 




White Shadow is everything you aspire to be, but think is unacceptable for you... because 'who do you think you are!' 'after everything you've done!' 

Whatever you've done, you haven't even scratched the surface.

Embody your White Shadow - that is Your Next Level. And it is Your Next Step.

I want to witness you beyond your greatness.

Cancel the cancel culture! Ditch the rules! 

You still belong


Free yourself from quilt of being yourself.

You can not serve two masters. 

You are The Master. 



And you can trust your heart to do what’s right.


Compromising your freedom to move beyond self-imposed limitations aren’t that! 


Social norms change - because of you.


So what is it going to be?


The whole world is watching. 


Make your move! LEAP.


The world is standing still until you do. 

"Queen of transformational work that seems effortless. The results are real..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

"My compassionate voice of reason now speaks with a lovely accent..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

"You saved my life."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

"You did in 5 minutes what other therapists and coaches couldn't do in 10 years."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

"Lira, you put other therapists to shame!"

Name hidden due to client's high visibility

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 9.54.52 PM.png

“Lira is interested in reality… She gave me clarity that instantly changed everything.”


Lawrence, Creator of The Yorgasmic Method, Author of The Future of Sex. Celebrity Tantra Master, Entrepreneur, Sedona

“Being in your energy is like being in my mother’s womb…”



Bestselling Author of From Ugly Duckling to Digital Swan, Milan

Lira Kay Testimonials

It’s Lira’s belief that as conscious creators and leaders, we are here to enlighten and elevate our human experience. Powerful activation of your own mission, your own gifts, fine-tuning your creative process and practice is your most precious responsibility, and a privilege not to be taken lightly.


If you are a Master of your art, it means you can deepen and fasten the healing, transformation and evolution of the collective. 


Lira’s PIONEERING healing concepts and methodologies pave the path for the new generation of leaders and creators to effectively facilitate a powerful change so desperately needed in this world. 


Walkabout is our new brilliantly-designed program, and is a gateway to a personal healing and enhancement work necessary for your next level of impact.


This is where you want to be. 


Apply to start working with Lira here. 


“I was about to give up… and now I own my work!”


Emma, Founder of Channeled Society, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Seattle


“You are one of those spiritually gifted carrying your gift with such ease and grace.”


Michael J. Gelb, Batten Fellowship in Innovation, Author "How to Think Like Leonardo Da Vinci", Speaker, Entrepreneur, New York

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