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If you want to give birth to your big vision, realize your legacy and live your mission to deeply impact the world….

Hello, I am Lira Kay

After being a therapist and mentor for over 30 years and working with thousands of visionaries, pioneers and mission-inspired influencers...


Here is what I have found to be true for highly ambitious and successful people like you:


You already have everything it takes to show up and serve humanity at the highest level, except these 2 key elements:


Profound personal healing and transformation


A space to focus and strategize your work


Let me explain both of them in more detail to you.

Stormy Skies

- Profound healing that actually works

I see you. You’re an old soul, a true idealist and someone who has the aspiration and the ability to change the world.


I see your absolute brilliance, your heart and your deep desire to serve.


But I also see your sabotage and your suppressed pain…. No matter how well you’ve managed to cover it up on the outside.


I see how your perfectionism is keeping you stuck, making you believe that it’s never good enough and keeping you from embodying your full power. I see that you want to contribute and give, give, give… but where is your ability to receive?

Look darling, here is the truth:

You can’t bring your suppressed emotions and pain to the highest level.

Because profound healing is part of your path to greatness.

And you’ve done enough work to know that if you don’t do this profound healing now, you WILL end up sabotaging yourself where it hurts the most.


The opportunities will keep coming, but will you be able to say yes and receive them?

The ideas will keep coming, but will you give yourself permission to fully birth them into life?

The success will keep coming, but can you handle it with a hurting, heavy heart?


See, even though you’ve done so much work and you’ve come such a long way, there are still things buried that are holding you back at a deep, deep level. And here is the problem:

What’s holding you back is not obvious!

It’s not the same thing as everybody else’s and that’s why you can go to as many seminars as you want, unless you are open to go deep within (and have the support to guide you and take you there), you will not be able to fully break through your fears...


And your big vision will not become realized.


But most coaches are too afraid to tell you that. (Or simply don’t have the tools and experience to guide you through this profound process...)


After healing from the tragic loss of my first husband and helping thousands of others transform their own pain into massive strength and success, I know for certain that this is what makes the difference between people who only show up at 80% and those who go all the way for their mission and truly change the world.


It doesn’t have to take years of therapy.

In fact, profound healing can happen in just a weekend with me.

And I would love nothing more than to provide that for you.


But let’s take a look at the second key element, first:

- A space to focus on your work and expand your vision and strategy

If you want to impact millions and play at the highest level, you can’t waste your precious energy and get caught up in doing all the small things.


You need to be able to envision and relax into receiving.

You need to use a clear structure to inspire and direct your creativity.

And you need guidance that is 100% in alignment with your vision, your mission and YOU.


In short: You need a trusted collaborator who brings something to the table that you lack.


You know exactly what your strengths are…. And you also know what they are not. So it’s time for you to let go of the unnecessary, focus on your unique gifts and talents and get the support you truly need.


Because this is how you get to create the space to open up your creativity and intuition and expand your capacity to give.


It doesn’t have to take 10 years for you to write your new book or a script… it can happen in just 2 weeks!

It doesn’t have to take 4 years to launch your next project or start a foundation and birth it into the world… it can happen in as little as 4 months.


This is exactly where I can help.

Beautiful Nature

What if you could immerse yourself in a uniquely luxurious space, experience profound healing AND get the ongoing support you need to rise to the highest level and change the world ?

Your devotion to service inspires people. You are a natural leader and a true role model.

With every leap you take, you create a ripple effect.

You are ready for a global impact…..


And I created an exclusive collaboration opportunity to support you in all of that!


Here is how it works:

Breakfast Tray

Most people come to me as their last resort…
But you don’t need to wait that long!

And since you are still here, reading this, I can tell that you are ready….


  • You’re ready to make a global impact and inspire millions.

  • You’re ready to magnify your business, uplevel your influence and bring your big vision to life.

  • You’re ready to heal the pain that’s holding you back and move through the fear and into wholeness.

  • You’re ready to stop playing small, stop sabotaging yourself and start realizing your higher vision to inspire the change you are called to create.




Then I would love to guide you and support you in getting there.

Fill out the short form below to apply for a personal call with me and we’ll find out whether this collaboration intensive is right for you:

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