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My name is Lira and I had been on my path as an artist, healer and teacher for over 30 years now.

I worked with thousands of people, led global public projects and personally mentored and counseled celebrity leaders and creatives around the world. 


With all that I had battled my natural calling as a missionary and an artist. I am an introvert who is a public figure from the age of 17. I am a mother of five daughters and a woman entrepreneur. I had lost people in my life, tragically and irreversibly. I had built communities as I moved countries and continents. I had launched and trained countless wannabe influencers to the status of celebrity thought leaders and well-established and hugely prosperous global brands.  


I’ve started again so many times… feels like from scratch… but, really, building on the top of the life lessons I learned, which sometimes blocked, and sometimes escalated my courage and drive.


I often struggled to accept all parts of myself, trying to navigate the world of art and business. 


I feel like my life had been a long journey to myself. And it’s not yet complete. There’s more to come. 


My current work is about exploring life beyond success, service and contribution. Life beyond the past wounds. Life inspired by the future.


Before the pandemic I had reached everything I ever dreamed about. I proved myself. A huge part of my life’s purpose had been complete. I knew it in my heart. I had arrived.


After a brief high and a moment of celebration of how far I’d come and how much I’d accomplished, I felt lost. My whole life I was helping people, healing, teaching, serving. I didn’t really know what do you do next?


My biggest revelation was about ‘finding my second breath’. Coming back to my roots, my childhood dreams and joys. I wanted to simply be, play, create, have freedom to express myself and move fast - tapping into my natural dynamic and rhythms.


I was tired of holding back.

I set myself free. 

Free to create and free to nurture. 

These two forces, masculine and feminine, yin and yang, unified in a beautiful dance and my new body of work started to emerge. 


My last global project 111 Healers Conference, where I showcased and promoted advanced therapists, holistic doctors and alternative healers, came to an end… and a new futuristic visionary project Meaningful Trends had began. 


I am inspired by the future.

It brings me hope. Motivates me to move forward.


I first, started a project to entertain myself. Connect, collaborate, play.

But very soon, I got the feedback from all the participants and public, how amazing it is to be in a flow, let ourselves dream, discuss, inspire and learn from each others. 


Leaning into the future opens up a new flow, a second breath for all of us. And now we need it more than ever! 


I invite you to enter my world, full of hope, magic and possibility with sharing your own vision for the future.


How do you see the world, people and yourself in 2050?

How should we prepare? What do you think are the important steps to take to arrive to your destination? 


As you share, we will select the most intriguing and thought-provoking entries and put together a creative panel to further discuss and explore some of the emerging topics.


Together, through experimental play and collaboration, we ignite and launch new creative business partnerships and projects. 



Right now, I take two or three CEOs as my private clients per year. 


If you are looking for the second breath, for you or your company…


as you are navigating your own personal and professional transformation and growth… 

in the midst of ever-changing, ever-evolving, and ever-moving world… ready to discover and unleash your next level mission and purpose… 

reach out to me here and let’s talk about your next move in business and in life.

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