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I'm Lira and I knew you were coming. 


I might have called you IN

healing technology
healing technology

Compassionate God      Muse-Mother    Futuristic Meta-Models      Edge Of Your Limitations   Aquarian Business         

I see into the future and I see peace. 

We are the ones who created it.

We never stopped.

We felt abandoned and unappreciated. We were exiled and humiliated. We failed at seeking approval in this crazy world lost in chaos and disharmony, where abuse is normalized and pain is an everyday experience for any man, woman or a child. We did not belong.


We saw people live with  the burden of their upbringing, struggling to overcome their circumstances, fighting for their place under the sun. It was never enough, on the outside or on the inside. A total lack of faith and confidence in oneself. 


We changed all that.

Our Mission

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We changed all that...


With bringing therapy, a discipline of self expression and love, to heal humanity and save our planet. 


In my vision we understood  the connection between the internalized “Parent’ and a God, both in charge of our wellbeing and happiness.


Nothing can happen from a place of fear - fear of losing unconditional love. Nothing, but the cycle of violence that affects our children and their children, yet to come. 


We must change that, and we must do it now, if we truly want that bright future.

If we truly want to see peace on our planet. 

If we truly want to thrive as humans and as spirits. 


Humanity can be restored through loving yourself and loving your life  unconditionally.


The science of healing gives us direct access  to the hearts and minds of an individual. 


The Dark, as much as the Light, is a part of our internal alchemy that either creates peace or destroys lives.

There's no need to judge our duality.

Creativity is a healthy outlet for every human to play out the battle between conflicting agendas and drives, and we can use creative processes to arrive to the peace we seek for each of us and for the collective. 


Creative processes and methodologies are something to learn, to study and to improve if we want people to use them for the improvement of all of our lives.  Creativity is healing. 


Blindly attacking or ‘fixing’ problems can look like an internal conflict being spilled over the top, driving people to guilt-trip, project their darker shadow elements onto each other. Blaming and shaming becomes systemic and no one feels empowered to do any better. Blame transfers responsibility and shame prevents us from being capable. It doesn’t help!


Shadow work, a personal journey of self acceptance - aka therapy - can make a huge difference. Facing oneself without hostility, treating oneself without hatred, loving oneself without harming makes our world a better place. 


Undoubtedly, we are responsible for bringing therapy into the picture for every child, every parent, every educator and leader on the planet. No one needs to play out their insecurities on others. We can not afford more chaos. We can not allow more abuse. 


We must stand in our power, that heals, that inspires, and that leads. Us, the healers, teachers and artists must live by example. We must stand together. We must take our work to people. We must act with urgency. 

We must prevail. 

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