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Featured Programs


The Walkabout - a personal 4-day virtual or in-person retreat - $52,000.


A shortcut to charisma, magnetism, authority and status you desire.


We are working with activating and integrating your White Shadow - a hidden and powerful beyond measure part of you. We heal your fear of success. We ignite your next level revolution and personal brand. 


My work with White Shadow had taken professionals to close personal deals worth their yearly salaries, doing the work they love, delivering their goods in a few hours, using their brilliance and their all-embracing unique skillsets and gifts.


Allowed ambitious and extra-sensitives introverted creatives come out of their closest and step into building their million-dollar transformational media empires. 


Helped 8-figure serial entrepreneurs and celebrity gurus release their guilt of being a human. And restructure and pivot their work to free resources and time, to invest in being their child-like self. All, without sabotaging their wealth or their marriage. 


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Lira Kay is the world's leading expert in innovative therapeutic methodologies.


Her work is focused on creating seamless but highly effective processes and systems for high performance, therapy and healing. Lira’s been called a secret weapon behind sanity and phenomenal breakthroughs of many celebrated transformational leaders, elite coaches and creative entrepreneurs. 

An Apprenticeship Program - a 2 year contract - by invitation only. 

- includes advanced therapeutic and high performance coaching skills training,


- as well as high level support and counseling in all major areas of life: love, health, money and spirituality. You will be building your next level legacy on the top of all of your achievements, influence and impact. 


A three and six months and one year arrangements are also possible. 

Reach out to discuss my terms and conditions. 



A powerful comprehensive group program is available here: 


More Info here:

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If you are ready to face YOURSELF - come along!

My work belongs to the souls ready to break free.

The hard work had been already done.

You can afford to let go.

You can fly now.

My name is Lira, and I counsel prominent creative entrepreneurs working on the edge of their limitations. My clients treasure depth, freedom and truth. They have courage to look into abyss... and sometimes they just don't have a choice as to meet themselves at least halfway. 


On my Walkabouts I let Abyss stare back at me. And what I discovered so far is -




When you are to join me, we will exercise respect and thrive for unconditional acceptance of ourselves... because we know, that's where the magic is. 


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“Being in your energy is like being in my mother’s womb…”



Bestselling Author of From Ugly Duckling to Digital Swan, Milan

Lira Kay Testimonials
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“Lira is interested in reality… She gave me clarity that instantly changed everything.”


Lawrence, Creator of The Yorgasmic Method, Author of The Future of Sex. Celebrity Tantra Master, Entrepreneur, Sedona

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“I was about to give up… and now I own my work!”


Emma, Founder of Channeled Society, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Seattle

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“Lira... she'll really look into you...”


Faith, Global Women Empowerment Leader, Bestselling Author of Sex Cult Nun, TEDx Speaker, Entrepreneur, Las Vegas

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“Magical things started happening in my life. You've put me on major platforms... I could hardly imagine!”


Candyce, Author, Speaker, CEO of The Butterfly Effect Foundation, Entrepreneur, San Francisco

"You saved my life..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility, Author, Speaker, Philanthropist, Women Against Human Trafficking

"Lira pulls from Cosmos..."

Name hidden due to client's high visibility, Transformational Leader, International Speaker, Author  Founder, Invited to Oprah


Walkabout is a VIP bespoke transformational experience for prominent social leaders and creative entrepreneurs looking to expand their capacity to give, receive and create reality. You can apply to be invited as Lira's private client, or as a couple, or a team. 

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