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Leaf Pattern Design

This is her place, to cocoon.


and emerge.

Armed with all she needs

To change everything.

To The Institute Of Applied Empowerment For Women & Girls

Wearing Earrings
Two Models

This. Is. The. Future.

The future of Work.Of Business.Of Life.

This. Is the key to the new world order.

Monk Overlooking at a Temple

Our Vision

A new normal where women are empowered and inspired to create inner wealth and legacy through life-aligned entrepreneurship and sisterhood.

We are here, to give her everything she needs...


To break through barriers.

To fear no judgment.

To know no glass ceilings.

Romantic Couple

This is her time


Her invitation.

To enjoy the exploration of self,

skill + strategyand redefined success.

Now is the time to make deep impact.

White Structure

This is the house

of tech-enabled empowerment,

nurtured by a mamma bear who was born to change the game.

Female-driven economic evolution can change the world.

Fashion Model in White

If empowering women gets a redux.



Let's spark some synergy between the natural talents and endless ability of women and the opportunities of the new economy.

Our programs are designed to nurture future leaders as they develop powerful personal brands, impact-based business plans, and next-generation thought leadership.

Founded by Lira Kay

Mother of 5.

Elite strategist.

Trusted advisor.

Protector of purpose.

View the Manifesto of Lira K.

This is the revolution.

Of youth. Of higher education. Of employment. Of entrepreneurship.
As Seen In...

Here, the journey is the end game.


An investment in growth through self-actualization,life-aligned entrepreneurship, and shared opportunity.



The Institute Of Applied Empowerment For Women

& Girls is 20+ years at the highest levels of Corporate, Agency, and Entrepreneurship ...

Man Checking his Phone

... redefined and reimagined specifically for women and girls who understand that the opportunities of the new economy are an elixir, and a means to change the world.

Art Gallery

Together, we soar higher. Together, we change everything.


we would love to welcome you into our wonderful world.

VR Goggles

We are building a brighter future.

Care to join us?

We are building a brighter future.

Care to join us?

We support the Sustainable Development Goals.

Happy Dance
Colleagues in Hallway
Mother and Daughter Meditating
Renaissance Style Portrait
Looking Out of a Skyscaper
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Lira Kay

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